Make it rain! Discover my seven secrets to booking high-dollar services. I share the exact strategies of what is working now, explain why you need to speak your audience’s language and discuss how to optimize your schedule and approach. I describe how you can book a higher rate of clients and ensure that they find you even faster. I also highlight why social proof and reviews are crucial and how to ensure your clients post a review that is highly valuable to your business.

To truly achieve success – to really change people’s lives – you need to go all in. It’s time to reconsider your business model to scale up your success year after year.

“If you try to sell to everybody, you end up selling to nobody.” – Jason Linett

  • Why ‘show’ is more powerful than ‘tell’.
  • What a micro-niche is and how to use yours.
  • Speaking the language of your audience.
  • Positioning yourself as the expert.
  • Optimizing your schedule.
  • Why compliance proceeds suggestibility.
  • Why outsourcing becomes vital as your business progresses.
  • Why social proof is essential and how to get reviews.

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