Doug O’Brien joins me today to share how Ericksonian hypnosis has progressed over the years. He reveals his thoughts to the classic “Hypnosis or NLP?” question most new students ask.

Doug introduces the different patterns of Sleight of Mouth. He describes how this respectful system uses the belief system on itself and how the system can be used with clients and for your business. Doug also shares the psychosensory Havening Technique and the scientific evidence of how it stimulates delta waves in the brain.

Doug is the owner of Doug O’Brien & Associates – Center for NLP & Hypnosis, a hypnosis coaching organization dedicated to teaching Ericksonian hypnosis. Doug is a Master Trainer and conducts seminars across the globe on NLP, Sleight of Mouth, and Ericksonian techniques. He also helped create the Columbia-Presbyterian’s Department of Complementary Medicine with Dr. Mehmet Oz.

“A metaphor is much more powerful when it truly aligns to what a person has inside them.” – Doug O’Brien

  • Should you use NLP or hypnosis.
  • Why convincers in hypnosis are essential.
  • A description of Sleight of Mouth.
  • The 14 different patterns of Sleight of Mouth.
  • Examples of using the belief structure on itself.
  • How to use Sleight of Mouth with your clients and in your business.
  • How the Havening Technique creates delta brainwaves.
  • The places on the body that stimulate Havening delta waves.
  • How Havening enhances hypnosis and NLP.
  • How neo-Ericksonian is a progression of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.

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