Dr. Fredric Mau joins me today to discuss working with anxiety and trauma. He shares where we can start to build systems, protocols, and foundations to help our clients and highlights the evidence-based approach to hypnosis as well as specific research and updates to hypnosis terminology. Fredric reveals how hypnosis works on the limbic system and shares the metaphors he uses to drive emotional framing for success. He also shares why all hypnotherapists should be working with clients on pain relief.

Dr. Fredric is a multiple board-certified hypnotherapist, clinical mental health counselor, and psychotherapist with his practice, Watermark Counseling, located in Columbia, SC. He is an internationally known speaker and the author of three books. He trains hypnotherapist who wish to gain a Certification in Relaxation-Based Pain Relief. This year, Fredric was recognized as the outstanding counselor of the state by the South Carolina Counseling Association. In 2013 he was the recipient of the Hypnosekongress HypnoScience Award and in 2016, he was awarded the Hypnosis Research Award at the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention.

“If you don’t know what it is, treat for anxiety If you treat for anxiety and it doesn’t work, treat the trauma.” – Dr. Fredric Mau

  • The importance of committing to and connecting with the client
  • The links between depression and anxiety
  • Using the Three Doors Metaphor to treat anxiety
  • Recognizing when there is something that needs to be addressed differently
  • Understanding symptoms, behaviors, and phobias
  • Why you shouldn’t handcraft metaphors for every client
  • Unpacking Steve de Shazer’s Miracle Question
  • How hypnosis operates on a different level to therapeutic conversation
  • Working more effectively at the limbic processing level
  • How hypnosis accesses the limbic system
  • Why you should be doing relaxation-based pain relief
  • Waking state suggestions for pain relief

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