Amye Scharlau joins me today to discuss hypnosis for hot flashes. She shares how she uses hypnosis for her stage show in addition to helping women who are going through menopause. She highlights why it is vital to use the client’s language with them and the positive domino effect that hypnosis can trigger. Amye also reveals her approach to reducing hot flashes and shares why the effects of menopause can be more or less severe.

Amye is an award-winning professional stage hypnotist and the founder Amye The Hypnotist, where she works as consulting hypnotist and hypnosis instructor. She is certified with The National Guild of Hypnotists, a sought-after keynote speaker and was selected as the featured performer at the 2015 National Guild of Hypnotists’ convention held in Boston. Amye is positive and hysterically funny yet holds two degrees from St. Catherine’s University in St. Paul, Minnesota and is currently working towards her Master’s degree.

“You are the story you tell yourself. All hypnosis is a tool to let you change the narrative and change yourself.” – Amye Scharlau

  • Using stage hypnosis techniques in hypnotherapy
  • Performing stage hypnosis to thousands each day
  • The fears and misconceptions that still surround hypnosis
  • Adapting your language to the client in front of you
  • Why it is essential to look to improve continually
  • Why Amye works with menopause symptoms
  • Factors that make hot flashes more severe
  • How social-economic factors affect the body
  • How to address hot flashes
  • The positive domino effect of hypnosis

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