When you consider that change happens at the speed of thought, you may begin to wonder if you need to use long, drawn-out inductions or whether you can motivate change through the induction itself. Can you use an instant induction? How do you layer multiple inductions in quick succession to consistently help your clients enter a more reliable hypnosis state for change?

Watch the Dave Elman 3-Minute Routine:

Today, I unpack the Dave Elman Induction for Change, revealing the story behind it, how it works, and how you can use it to create change. I share how a phenomenon in hypnosis called fractionation, a rising and falling of energy, can be used to deepen hypnotic states so your clients become profound hypnotic subjects. I share the six steps of the Dave Elman Induction and break down each step. I also share three customizations of the induction for use with smoking cessation, weight loss, and fear of public speaking.

“There are no resistant clients – only inflexible hypnotists.” – Jason Linett

  • Creating a temporary opening where you can make things different than they were before
  • Weakening or strengthening the suggestions you do and don’t want to happen
  • How to layer multiple inductions on top of each other through pyramiding
  • The two ends of catalepsy
  • How to create amnesia through suggestion
  • The Dave Elman Induction customized for smoking cessation, weight loss, and public speaking

The Six Steps of the Dave Elman Induction for Change:

  1. Catalepsy of a small group of muscles to bypass the critical factor of the conscious mind
  2. A brief deepening process to prepare for fractionation
  3. Fractionation through pyramiding
  4. Catalepsy of a large group of muscles
  5. Amnesia by suggestion
  6. Deepening throughout

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