Step into my Las Vegas classroom as I share my opening keynote presentation at the 2020 ICBCH Winter HypnoConference. The keynote and workshop were so well received by the people in attendance, I felt compelled to share it with you, my loyal podcast listeners.

Why do you believe hypnosis works? How do you take techniques that are already successful for your clients and make them even more effective? It all comes down to a few powerful phrases and the way you frame your questions.

In this episode, I share the hypnotic power behind using phrases like “Before we get started…” and “For your benefit and mine…” in your next hypnosis session. I explain how your use of phrases and the way you frame your questions impact your clients and sets the foundation for your sales pitch or hypnotic next steps. I also explain the process of anchoring and how words and phrases can act as a trigger for your client, helping them – and you – achieve the desired results from your hypnosis session.

“The brilliance inside of your client is what we’re harnessing.”

Learn the Hypnotic Power Behind These Phrases:

  • “Launch with Raving Fans”
  • “I Quit Smoking…”
  • “Belief. Imagination. Credibility. Expectation.”
  • “The way This Obviously Works…”
  • “Before we get started…”
  • “For your benefit and mine…”
  • “You might tell me something that has been difficult for you…”
  • “Do I have your permission for things to get a little weird…”
  • “I do things differently here.”
  • “What works best for you?”
  • “Rather than a magnifying glass…”
  • “Do you ever feel like part of you wants this…”
  • “Have you ever felt good by accident?”
  • “Here’s the part you’re going to be talking about later…”
  • “You’ve been waiting to have the last word…”
  • “Now that we’re done…”
  • “What do you notice now?”

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