Compliance proceeds suggestibility, and in this program Jason shares a clip from a recent class in which he discusses the importance of tonality and the power of influence as part of the hypnotic experience.


Thank you to Scott Babb of Northern Lights Hypnosis who helped inspire launching this segment of video from my Hypnosis Training course.

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Patter for the “Losing the Numbers” segment of the Dave Elman Induction

Perfect. We now have all the physical relaxation we’re going to need for now, so now you can begin to relax yourself, mentally. It’s easy.

(Pace the rhythm at which you want the client to count.)

In a moment, we’ll have you begin to count backwards, out loud, slowly, from 100. Let every number you say double your mental relaxation so by the time you reach 98 or sooner, you can just relax the rest of them out of your mind. As if there’s nothing more to count. Want that to happen, and you can make that happen. And when they are gone, just notice how good you feel.

Begin counting backwards, out loud, slowly, from 100 now.

(Client says “100”.) Good, now double that mental relaxation.

(Client says “99”.) That’s right, getting ready to let them go

(Client says “98”.) Now just relax the rest of them out of your mind.


And as they are gone, just nod your head.


(Continue deepening.)

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