Arthur Bablis joins me today to share how you can help your clients rewire, reset, and redefine themselves. He shares his experience of learning hypnosis and how he uses the Five Elements of Life to get results. He shares how you can break down the process of creating change with hypnosis into three steps. Arthur also highlights the opportunity that people have during the virus epidemic and how he has pivoted his business to go online and run his first live online NLP training course.

Arthur is the founder of The MindBody Excellence Institute, which helps people become better versions of themselves. Arthur is an international speaker and personal success and human performance coach and has a passion for bringing the best out of people. He is a master practitioner and trainer in NLP, hypnosis, kinesiology, and Time Line Therapy. He holds degrees in Economics and Marketing as well as Health Science and Natural Therapy from the University of New England (AU). He is also a father of three who is determined to see his children live the life that they deserve.

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“ If you want results in life that you haven’t had before, you need to do things you have never done before.”- Arthur Bablis

  • Arthur’s experience of transitioning from the corporate world to hypnosis
  • How Arthur learned the language patterns of hypnosis and NLP
  • How to use the Five Elements of Life to get results with hypnosis
  • Communicating with the unconscious mind and anchoring change
  • Why you should break the process of change into a three-step formula
  • How to rewire, reset, and redefine the mind and body
  • What you should be doing during the epidemic to pivot their career, relationships, and health
  • Arthur’s strategy for going online and pivoting his business
  • Why training hypnotists are highly-rating online training classes

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