James Vera joins me today to share how customizable frameworks give you the freedom to achieve hypnotic growth. He shares how he took his business online and developed Tele-Hypnosis Programs, which has shown increasing client success rates since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. James reveals the best practices that will help you build your business,including learning from the best, taking the best courses, and implementing friendly SEO techniques. He also highlights how he intertwines different hypnosis methods to create the most effective strategies for helping clients with anxiety, weight loss, and more.

James is the founder of Online Hypnosis Now, a website he built seven years ago to specifically highlight doing hypnosis sessions online through Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom. He is a Board Certified Hypnotist, helping people with anxiety, stress, smoking cessation, phobias, sports performance enhancement, and more. James has been a Certified Respiratory Therapist since 1993 as well as a respected public speaker,giving presentations about hypnosis to groups, corporations, and organizations.

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“ With hypnosis online, people are in their environment, there is an impact, and their success rates are shooting through the roof.”- James Vera

  • Why hypnosis sessions by video calls are causing success rates to rise
  • Why it is vital to learn from people with the best knowledge
  • Best business practices and building your online presence through SEO, blogs, and YouTube
  • How frequency and recency will raise your online presence
  • Strategies to help people with weight loss and anxiety challenges
  • The journey of taking hypnosis online
  • The value James has found in https://HypnoticBusinessSystems.com/
  • The calendar technique for determining your pricing rates
  • Why it is important to give credit to those who help you find success

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