Danna Pycher joins me today to share how you can help clients in distress with auto-immune hypnosis. She shares how she started her business, found her niche, and attracted clients by creating a ripple effect in the early days. Danna highlights how physical distress and addiction are often coping mechanisms that have become hypersensitive, resulting in sensory overload. Danna also reveals the techniques she uses, including targeting hypnotic age regression on one specific symptom or body part, then generalizing that change once something is in motion.

Danna is the founder of The Transformation Clinic, where she uses a blend of NLP and hypnotherapy to help clients with trauma and disease. Danna discovered hypnosis after a near-fatal accident left her with post-traumatic stress, which traditional therapy did not resolve. Before finding her fascination and curiosity with hypnosis, Danna worked as a journalist and in media production. Today, Danna is an author and travels the world, speaking on how our minds work and how it is possible to lift people out
of suffering in a sustainable way.

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“ It does not matter if they imagine it or if it is real; something is being communicated in the mind that causes distress.”- Danna Pycher

  • The role of trust, regression, and reframing in treating trauma
  • How to refine your message, build a content portfolio, and become an expert
  • Creating a ripple effect to attract clients and how to pick a niche
  • The conditions categorized as auto-immune disorders
  • How addiction is a coping mechanism for physical distress
  • How to treat hypersensitivity and sensory overload
  • Danna’s process of ’emptying the bucket’
  • Treating the nervous system by alleviating stress through reframing
  • How to treat a body part through hyper-specific regression
  • Shocking the mind with a ‘snap’ during regression
  • Why you should use the techniques that resonate with you the most

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