It is one thing to learn how to work more effectively with your clients, but if your business strategy isn’t on par, you may never develop a flow of clients to work with. If you are starting your business, it is essential to follow a series of steps to find success. If you have already dipped your toe in the water, you may need to refocus your strategy and goals to build the successful business you envision. You need to know what’s going to make your business work and make it massively scalable, from determining if you should be a Jack-of-all-trades or an expert in a niche to understanding the psychology behind the sales process

Today, I share what I would do if I had to start all over. I share why you shouldn’t try to go straight to the sale and instead recognize that unsophisticated buyers first need to understand the value of what they want to buy. I reveal why a strategy of educating and informing will nurture potential clients towards the next step in the selling process. I share how people do business with people and why it is vital to nail your messaging and produce regular free content to build relationships that will become sales-ready. I also stress the importance of focusing your marketing on your micro-niche and follow one course until you find success.

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“They have to move through a journey from know to like, and trust before they will ever buy.”- Jason Linett

  • The sales process stages of moving a client to a buy status
  • Why you should start with the foundation of visibility to gain credibility, and then profitability
  • How free content and a value-first mindset will create a business for life with raving fans
  • Why frequency and recency are critical components of your content strategy
  • Where to gain visibility in the pain-point of which you are an expert
  • How to position yourself as the micro-niche expert
  • How to nail your messaging for mediums such as Facebook Live

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