Barry Neale joins me today to share why it is essential to gather knowledge through good education, a continuation of training, and by putting your hypnosis skills to use. Barry shares insights into how to break out of the perpetual student role to be a professional student while helping others and doing the professional work of hypnosis. He shares the strategies and conversational influence factors necessary in helping someone stop smoking, and why you need to reinforce that the hypnotic process is one part of a bigger system. He describes how he stacks expectations and shifts perspectives through reinforcement, as soon as the session is over. Barry also shares the advantages of putting more value on the work you do, increasing value to the client and the amount of value you receive back.

Barry is a Certified Trainer of Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Founder of Hypnosis Essex, where he helps clients stop smoking, overcome trauma, conquer pain, and beat anxiety. He has been studying hypnosis for 40 years and training for 25 years in Accelerated Change Techniques. He became interested in hypnosis at the age of 13 and learned some of the basics from his grandfather as well as by transcribing self-help hypnosis cassettes to learn inductions. Barry started his career working for the Ford Motor Company before working in sales roles in the 80s once again sparked his interest in NLP techniques. He has since become a Master Hypnotist and has taught hundreds of students across the world.

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“Unless you have clients to practice on, you are never going to get good.”- Barry Neale

  • Why it is crucial to build flexibility through a continuation of training
  • The value of practicing on clients and learning to listen
  • Session pricing and recognizing the value of your service
  • How to use the cost to stop smoking to bring you client’s that are ready to change
  • Why it is vital to leverage clients for change and how to make change a must
  • Future pacing and how to reinforce the ‘stopped’ mindset when a client emerges from hypnosis
  • Barry’s marketing strategies, building relationships, and selling the process
  • The basic concept of parts therapy and the tools you need to work with parts conflicts
  • How to find the highest intention behind a behavior and solve an incongruence of parts

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