Melissa Conkling joins me today to discuss building hypnotic communities and share her experience of accidentally becoming hypnotized and training for a career in hypnosis. Melissa shares her strategies for working with weight loss by creating an identity shift and building confidence to help clients realize that change is possible. She reveals the nuances of running your own Facebook community and building engagement through consistency and adding value. She also shares how her approach builds warm leads organically and her experiences while working online with tools such as Zoom and Facebook Live

Melissa is a Certified Hypnotist and the Founder of Connecticut Hypnosis, where she helps people achieve their goals and build their confidence, motivation, and mindset through hypnosis. Melissa has a passion for helping people worldwide with weight loss and confidence building. She was first introduced to hypnosis in a hypnotic marketing class when searching for marketing applications to use for direct sales. Melissa is a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson in Connecticut with a 15-year career in residential real estate. Previously, she worked in theatre history and criticism, offering freelance script consulting and dramaturgy. Melissa has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Eastern Connecticut State University and a Master of Arts in Theatre from the City University of New York-Hunter College.

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“It’s all about picking a theme for the group – not necessarily a super-narrowed-down niche, but a theme.”- Melissa Conkling

  • Why you should recognize and trust the different layers behind a client’s issue
  • How unsuccessful dieting can affect confidence and create self-doubt, which overflows into other areas of a client’s life
  • Strategies to discover and release limiting beliefs
  • How to build a Facebook group, build rapport, and provide value to generate warm leads
  • Working with clients over Zoom and the benefits of online work
  • How to handle unexpected distractions during online hypnosis sessions
  • Leveraging Facebook Live and ongoing media to drive engagement
  • Doubling down on multiple Facebook groups

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