The COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of business owners to rethink their strategies and pivot their standard ways of conducting business. The same is true for the hypnosis community. How do we, as hypnosis professionals, continue to serve our clients, provide them with optimal service, and support them through their journey of positive change? Many have decided to pivot to offer online hypnosis sessions, but struggle to shift their in-person techniques to accommodate an online setting.

In today’s episode, I share several strategies you can use for your online hypnosis sessions. I discuss how to adjust the strategies you would normally use in in-person sessions, like setting client expectations,
and how they can help your clients achieve the results they desire. I explain why it’s important to make the online hypnosis session as effortless and easy as possible for your clients. I also share how to create the classic induction moment for your clients while working virtually and highlight why I choose to turn the video feed off once an online session has begun.

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“ Whoever is the most flexible in the communication… drives the communication.”- Jason Linett

  • The power of using the classic ‘That’s right’ application in your hypnosis sessions and how it serves as a gratification filter as well as a ‘deepening factor’
  • The importance of understanding your – and your clients’
  • Setting client expectations and the importance of giving your clients easy instructions to follow for online hypnosis sessions
  • Creating the classic moment of inductions in an online hypnosis session
  • Implementing the ideomotor setup into your online sessions
  • Why I turn off the video feed with a client once their online session has begun

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