Juan Acosta joins me today to discuss dental hypnosis and how to connect with dentists and the dental team. Juan shares his perspective as someone working on the inside and shares what you need to know about networking with any medical profession. He highlights why it is advantageous to shift your perception of what you need to know about their world and the benefits of altering your mindset. Juan also shares why it is vital to understand dentists’ pain points and issues in conjunction with offering techniques and services that improve dental patient experience and satisfaction.

Juan is a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner and the Founder of Hypnodontist, where he provides hypnocoaching for dental teams and hypnosis professionals. He is the author of the best-selling book Hypnodontics – Ethical Influence: Language for Dental Professionals and the host of The Natural Comfort Specialist Podcast. He speaks at dental and hypnosis events around the country. Since 2013, Juan has worked with thousands of patients and has coached hundreds of dental professionals and hypnotists.

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“ When you lead with value first, they are going to be much more interested.”- Juan Acosta

  • Why you need to recognize the dentist’s business motives when networking
  • Understanding the different roles of those working within a dental practice and the opportunities this knowledge presents
  • Strategies to put your services in front of the whole dental team
  • Where to get the information you need to know about dentistry
  • Juan’s podcast and the presentations that are part of the free upcoming virtual Hypnodontics Summit
  • Introducing hypnosis and networking techniques for reaching out to dentists
  • Why it is vital to share value and not sell when reaching out to dentists

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