Wendi Friesen joins me today to share inspirational stories on how to be memorable. She highlights the innovative work of hypnotherapists and debunks the stereotypes surrounding online sessions and athome audio recordings. Wendi shares how these mediums can go beyond direct suggestions and noncustomized experiences and discusses her work with provocative sexual issues and how she found success and notoriety through her appearances on numerous talk shows. Wendi also shares why you should know your marketing, lead with research, and share free resources to demonstrate hypnosis effectiveness.

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Wendi is a Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, and the Founder and creator of The Addiction Project. She is an international speaker on topics such as addiction, attitude, and mindset. Wendi is recognized as a transformational trainer, creative marketer, and powerful healer, reaching millions of people worldwide through more than 300 hypnosis audio and video programs. She has made appearances on TV shows such as Coast to Coast and has been featured in publications such as The Washington Post and Men’s Health. She studied Fine Arts at Lynn University and offers training and certification in Addiction Freedom hypnotherapy.

“ No matter how scared you are or new something is, you have the resources and creativity to be able to get it done.” – Wendi Friesen

  • Innovation within the hypnosis profession
  • How to customize interactive audio programs to allow clients to find their answers
  • Strategies, framing, and wording you can use to avoid negative reactions
  • Wendi’s best-selling services and working with sexual issues
  • Overcoming fear and Wendi’s first talk show appearance
  • How to work with addiction and help people change their identity and beliefs
  • How to create easily-accessed anchors to tackle triggers
  • Using present and future tense together and creating future memories
  • Why Wendi creates free resources, her mask anxiety program, and why she is passionate about helping people with insomnia

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