Only working with people who are serious about making a change is a valuable business strategy, but, at some point, you may realize you are spending too much time eliminating challenges from resistant clients. Developing a robust system that will allow you to get on with the business of seeing clients and building your hypnosis business should be a fundamental principle of your business. It is time to find the high-premium people you want to work with and increase your customer lifetime value by serving them better

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Today I share my #1 method for booking better hypnosis clients. I share how the application funnel can change the way people enter into the conversation with you as a practitioner so that you are positioned as the authority. I reveal how you can automate your onboarding process and leverage online appointment scheduling software. I also discuss the value of building value first and share my Velvet Rope Strategy, which walks you through setting up your application funnels and gets you up and running within 24 hours.

“ You should always sell one thing – the next step.” – Jason Linett

  • Identifying your target audience and their buying decisions
  • The concept of the application funnel
  • Automating with technology and maintaining the quality of the communication
  • Onboarding clients and positioning yourself as the expert
  • Building rapport, attracting clients you want and propelling away those who are not a fit
  • Utilizing online appointment scheduling software
  • Quality questions for your scheduling application
  • Building value first through education
  • How to immediately get started with the Velvet Rope Strategy

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