Avner Eisenberg is a Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner, and Certified Trainer in Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP. He is the Founder of Avner the Eccentric and has been the Chief Eccentric Officer of The Eccentric Company for several decades. Avner found fame by playing the title role ‘The Jewel’ in the 20th Century Fox film The Jewel of the Nile. Avner’s one-person show ‘Avner the Eccentric’ was a Broadway hit in 1984/85, and his new show ‘Exceptions to Gravity’ defies the barriers of language and culture. He taught at Carlo Mazzone Clementi’s Dell’Arte School of Physical Comedy in California, trained for five years at the American Hypnosis Training Academy, and holds a B.A. in Theatre from the University of Washington.

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Avner joins me today to share how you can leverage hypnotic breathing to build physical rapport and release tension. He reveals how breathing or not breathing can indicate the presence or lack of anxiety. Avner shares how the power of breathing applies to rapport and how showing interest in your client and calibrating their Behavioral Manifestation of Internal Response (BMIR) can create a level of comfort. Avner also shares an essential tip every hypnotist needs to know when working over Zoom.

“ The goal in hypnosis and the goal in going onstage is exactly the same. It’s to establish rapport.” – Avner Eisenberg

  • Deepening rapport with the handshake induction
  • Developing techniques to induce rapport in the first few seconds
  • Using the principles of breathing to affect rapport
  • Scriptless hypnosis, therapeutic storytelling, and utilizing language patterns
  • Being interested in the other person and using their strengths to help them
  • Using breath to create a level of comfort with your clients
  • How to calibrate your client’s Behavioral Manifestation of Internal Response
  • Using physical rapport and breathing to release tension
  • Essential tips every hypnotist should know when using Zoom

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