Anthony Gitch is the Founder of Excel Hypnosis where he specializes in personal and professional development. He is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, the creator of MindSpa Hypnotica, and the author of The Art Of Self Destruction. Anthony is an ICBCH Certified Hypnosis Instructor and has 25 years of experience in unlocking how thoughts and beliefs create our realities. He is a contributor to the International Association of Hypnosis Professionals 5-PATH Journal and the 2018 recipient of the 5-PATH Leadership Award as well as the Excellence in Hypnosis Award.

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Anthony joins me today to share how you can find success in the time of COVID. He shares why hypnotherapists need to build a repertoire of skills to facilitate working with a flexible approach. He discusses the adjustments he has made for working online and why it is essential to create a professional online presence. He also highlights the importance of working with clients that are suited to your interests and skills and shares details of his MindSpa Hypnotica program and workshops.

“ It’s about being who you are and introducing the world to yourself.” – Anthony Gitch

  • How adding hypnosis had changed the way Anthony works with clients
  • Anthony’s training in 5-PATH Hypnosis and the importance of a flexible approach
  • Making adjustments to work online and Tim Box’s The Control System
  • How insight informs the change in habits and behaviors
  • Building a business by working with the clients that suit you best
  • Setting yourself up as the professional online and engaging people to bring in clients
  • Finding the solution in the ‘how,’ not the ‘why’
  • Building confidence with Anthony’s MindSpa Hypnotica program
  • Using the phenomena of hypnotic dreaming

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