Wieslaw Rocki is a health coach and the Owner of Self-Healing Care. He has a medical background as a doctor in Europe, later moving to the United States to continue his work and further explore the complementary healing arts. He is an author of Embrace Your Grace: A Physician’s Guide to Dynamic Self-Healing, a speaker, scientist, and educator who formerly owned the N. Virginia Mind-Body Medicine Clinic. Wieslaw holds a Masters and Doctorate in Medicine, Physiology, Obstetrics, and Gynecology from the Medical University of Bialystok in Poland. He conducted postgraduate research in psychopharmacology at the University of Michigan Medical School and a medical residency at The University of Connecticut School of Medicine

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Wes joins me today to share the principles of improvisational healing. He shares how you can take improvisational theatrical arts themes and bring them into the healing arts. He reveals how improvisation can have a role inside hypnotherapy and make everything you do much better. He also discusses the No and Yes states of mind and how to create new future possibilities using the “Yes, and” approach while breaking down the steps to help your clients rewrite their script and break free from bad

“Improv is not a technique. It is a state-of-mind from which I will handle other techniques” – Wieslaw Rocki

  • Why we need to combine the expertise of the hypnotherapist and client to achieve better results
  • Why you need to heal yourself before you can heal clients and why it is vital to meet the client on the same level
  • Creating a safe environment with hypnotherapy to resolve problems and enable healing
  • The yes and no states of mind and how we tend to live our lives in a default defensive state
  • Projection and why you need to believe for your client to believe
  • How to utilize improvisation to help clients change beliefs and break free from scripted roles
  • The four stages of learning and breaking the habit of being yourself
  • Creating a future through the Yes And technique and exploring new choices

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