Session #320 – Follow-up Success with Stop Smoking Hypnosis


How do you follow-up with your stop smoking clients? Many hypnotists fall prey to the game of assumption – assuming that if they follow-up with their clients, it will sow the seeds of doubt in your services and reduce their confidence in your skills. But following-up is a critical step on achieving your client’s desired results.After all – it’s always a great idea to check your work.

So, how do you follow-up with your clients without sowing the seeds of doubt or breaking their trust and confidence in the services you offer?

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Today, I share how to follow-up with your stop smoking clients for better results. I reveal how you cando a follow-up in a high-impact way and create stronger results, if not further reinforce the result. I demonstrate how collecting oddly specific stories will help you metaphorically shine the spotlight of change in a rather unique place. I explain how you can use this technique beyond helping your stop smoking clients. I also share why I love suggesting fascination and curiosity and how you can take successful methods and frame them in a better way to make them even more effective.

“ When you satisfy the concern in advance, you have now inoculated a future problem. ” – Jason Linett

  • The number one rule for influential communication and how to hit the emotional components of decisions to motivate change
  • How to satisfy objections before they arise and motivate towards a change or the next step
  • Helping clients identify their character of change
  • Collecting feedback and ultra-specific stories and leveraging them in your sales consultation or during the appointment to set the context for oddly specific change
  • Why it is easier to get someone to stop something than start something and how to achieve the latter and wrap-up your hypnosis sessions
  • How to modify this approach for you and client issues outside of stop smoking
  • Taking methods that work and framing them in a better way to make them more effective

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This is the Work Smart Hypnosis Podcast, session number 320. Follow up success with Stop Smoking Hypnosis. Welcome to the Work Smart Hypnosis Podcast with Jason Lynette, your professional resource for hypnosis training and outstanding business success. Here’s your host, Jason Lynette. So it’s a bit of a funny story before I get into the content for this week’s specific episode that the story goes back to the timeframe in the early 2000.

When I was working in professional theater and the situation, the lesson that I learned the hard way was don’t you dare ever go into a dressing room and make the statement, Hey, just wanna make sure everything’s okay, because then they respond. Why? What’s going on, ? So I bring this up because it was just recently inside of our, I think it was inside of the hypnotic workers private community.

That’s for the people who have gone through the hypnotic workers program or even the people who go through work Smart hypnosis live and online, which includes access to hypnotic workers. The question was, how do you follow up with your stop smoking clients and, and understand this is an important topic to be addressed here because, well, first of all, it’s always great to check your.

You know, do not fall prey to the game of assumption, as in, Well, I didn’t hear back from them. It must have worked. Because chances are sometimes you’ve bought or paid for things that didn’t go so well and it just wasn’t worth the effort to go and complain. You know, you stayed in the hotel, that was good enough.

You probably didn’t leave the review. You went for some sort of service, and just because it wasn’t the type of thing you would normally leave it, leave a review for. So the fact is that just because someone doesn’t follow up, Doesn’t mean it worked or it didn’t work. So we wanna be able to check our work.

But again, the downfall would be the pattern of, I wanna make sure you’re doing all right because that would often inspire the fear of why did you think it wouldn’t actually work for me? And again, lesson learned with the metaphor back to my job in theater because, and let me call out this while I jokingly pat myself on the back in the preamble here, doing theater in the Washington DC metro area, we would have to let the actors know ahead of.

If there were VIPs in the audience and I could drop some serious names of actors, celebrities, politicians, presidents, we managed to have in the audience at times and be able to keep the actors chill about what was going on. There was always a fun fact of, Hey, the director’s in town, and he’ll give notes.

And the premise that our theater was first drink at the bars on the director . So I bring this up because the question popped up recently. How do you do that? Follow up and there’s some little finess that I’ve made to this over the years, and let me set the stage for this. I am sitting right now. In our rental in New Sam Beach, Florida, we haven’t yet bought where we’re eventually going to land cuz we’re still figuring that out.

And about 12 days of the time of this recording will land in Clearwater, Florida, where we’re then gonna spend some time on the West Coast and then likely bouncing back over here around Orlando. Buy my business right now. In terms of my clients, I’ve still been seeing about three to five stop smoking clients.

A week. So this is still a big part of what I’m currently doing, and I want you to hear this filter before you hear any of the content here, which this is a filter with bigger ramifications, which is a fun word and a whole bunch of points in Scrabble. But there’s serious real world ramifications of this, which would be the fact that this is the stuff I’m actually doing with my clients right now.

No theories, no pipe dreams because guessing. What you’re about to hear is the exact method that I’m continuously using with my clients that allows me to do the follow up in a high impact way and create stronger results, if not further reinforce their results. So I want you to have that filter in place because some parts of this may seem, I wouldn’t say controversial, we’re not going there.

This. Usually we do instead. Some of it is a bit provocative. Some of it you will have to adapt to your own delivery, your own demeanor in terms of telling stories and anecdotes and you know, always make sure they’re true for you. But it’s a way of metaphorically shining the spotlight of change in a rather unique place, which is another preamble here.

Do not make the mistake of assuming this is only a stop smoking t. Now we can use this for basically anything, and that’s kind of the focus of what I share inside of Work Smart Hypnosis Live. This is my live and online hypnosis certification training where I’ll mention about half of the people who go through the event are brand new to hypnosis.

And this is their first suray into the hypnotic world. The other half of people are probably like many of the people watching me on real time on a Facebook Live right now who already have what would appear to be significant training, but you’re not yet getting the results you feel you want to be getting.

Either it’s that or you feel stuck inside of rigid protocols or scripted techniques, and you’re not yet confident with how to artistically customize on the fly to the person in front of you and get the best of results. If I’ve described you in either way, check out Work Smart Hypnosis live. Dot com.

We’ve got one coming up in June of 2021. If you’re listening after the fact, we always have one coming up soon, though, the one in June. I’m sharing the stage once again with Richard Non Guard, so my work Smart principles, as well as his approach to an evidence based strategy of change. We sell these out classically about a month in advance, so check out Work Smart Hypnosis live dot.

And with that, here we go. Let’s jump directly into this week’s episode, session number 320 follow up success for With Stop Smoking Hypnosis. All right, so let’s get started. There’s a principle that I teach over on the Hypnotic Language Hacks podcast inside of my influence training that I offer, which is this is the number one rule of influential communi.

Something that’s explained at Advances education, something that’s explained after the fact is an excuse. People lean in for education. People lean back from offers. The moment you understand these, the moments, you will understand how to hit emotional components of decisions, you now know how to motivate change.

There’s a massive overview of the entire world now, isn’t it? So as we’re talking. Following up with stop smoking. Some of the answer to what I’m about to share here would be the fact that sales 1 0 1 satisfy objections before they arise, which, yes, I talk very often in sales and business metaphors because the same methods we would use with our clients turn out to be the same methods we could use toward business as well.

We’re always motivating toward a change. We’re always motivating toward the next step, and whether it’s the client producing an. Or it’s someone pulling out the credit card and making a buying decision. The journeys are almost identical, and once you understand the two, everything gets better along your journey as an entrepreneur, as a hypnotic practitioner.

So as I mentioned in the intro a few moments ago, the question was how do you follow up with your stop smoking clients? And someone in the group did respond that they have an automated email campaign that follows up on this date and that date and this date. And I’d say that’s great. And I think to best explain this, I need to set the entire stage for how this plays out, which I want you to hear.

Right now. I am seeing these clients at a premium rate, and I’m doing this from a corner of a bedroom. My laptop is on an end table. I bought a squeaky folding chair from Amazon, which I need to replace in the next rental. And my microphone is on a boom stand and that’s it. You know, so from the guy who basically invested in a $200,000 office to have when I was in Virginia, which is now just a rental property, I’m running the same business right now with the lowest of tech possible and still getting the same results.

So for any of you out there, follow the story of what I’ve been up. Because I keep meeting people who are in that just getting ready to launch kind of mindset. And right now I’m making this work on an end table and a rental. Hypnosis anywhere. Am I right? So when you satisfy the concern in advance, you’ve now inoculated a future problem.

That’s one element of the framework we’re about to build here. The same way that in a previous podcast episode, which if you’re on the Work Smart Hypnosis website in the top left, There’s a search bar, and if you type in, I think it’s conversation, uh, waking suggestion for stop smoking, just do a search up there for stop smoking.

You’ll find a much earlier podcast episode where I give one part of this sort of a solution here, but this is new. And even those of you in my communities, you haven’t heard this yet, so, uh, Good times to be had. So one part of that other piece of content you can listen to, which mind you, I will actually look it up for you while we’re on here together, cuz I have the website already open.

Previous podcast episode. Continue listening to this one, but then go back and listen to this other one, episode number nine. Wow, that goes back August 4th, 2014. I’ve been at this for a while. Episode number nine was waking hypnosis for stop Smoking Clients. I will share with you, there’s one nuance of that recording, which is all about the theme of things we can say in advance of the session that build a mindset towards success, Basically, one being there’s basically three ways that I get different feed.

One group of people, it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. Another group of people, there’s maybe the habit of the habit. The third is that there’s a brief challenge, but here’s what you do and you’re fine. So the nuance to this, as I set a bit of a listing pattern, a menu as to, you may notice one of these three results, but notice they were all successful.

That being said, everything is subjective. So it’s your responsibility. Let me know which one you’re already inside. There you go. Which what this did was it drove people and go back and listen to that episode number nine on this. After that, you listened to this one. What this did was it directed people to focus on what category of change they were.

We were no longer binary, yes or no. It was either instead, which group am I now inside of? So that’s one element of this. So one of those nuances is the second group, the habit of the habit. Which is where, you know, I always tell the story of here’s this woman that I worked with in Virginia that she’s driving around a part of Winchester, Virginia, which is more rural, and she hits this stoplight.

It’s this old style stoplight, and she’s fishing around the center console of her car looking for a cigarette. At which point she burst out laughing cuz she had seen me six months prior, had not smoked since. So just out of the association of that one intersection where the, the lights on a timer rather than a sensor.

She’s fishing. Fishing and she’s like, I knew I wouldn’t have smoked, but it was funny that I was still doing it. In terms of reaching for something that wasn’t there anymore. You know my personal story is that right after my son was born, I went off and had the laser eye surgery and for like the first three weeks, crying baby down the hall and I’m reaching to the end table looking for glasses and my wife would typically say two statements.

One you can see now, and two, it’s your turn tonight. So laugh at the moment and move on Now as an expectation. This is what’s new, by the way. I collect these moments. This is one of my favorite things because yes, I love the feedback that this thing is going great. I love the feedback that I got into running and I did a half marathon.

I love that. But I will tell you the ultra specific feedback is the one that I love. You know, something very obscure and something very specific, which. I wish I was clever enough to make us some of these stories. Different category. I had a guy who came in for weight loss one time and like we worked together for quite some time and I mean, he dropped 40 pounds, which he was about my height, so that was pretty significant and like he knew some of my personal stories, so like towards the end of our sessions.

He, uh, says, Can I ask you a personal question? And I’m assuming maybe he wants to find out like, what specifically did I do to lose the weight when I lost mine? We had talked strength training at one point and like I didn’t cross a professional barrier. I just simply said, Oh, here are the names of some good books you might look into and see where you want to go with that, if that’s something that you’re interested in.

You know, here’s one that I love and I love it, not just cuz the guy wrote a blurb in the back of my book, but Bigger, Leaner, Stronger is one of the best books. In that world if you wanna learn that. So when he says, Can I ask you a personal question? I’m thinking, it’s like something about me. I wish, No. He goes, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the shower.

Okay. He goes, No, no, no. Nothing weird or nothing, but like I’m in the shower for an extra 10 minutes because now that I’ve lost the weight, I am just fascinated with how my body feels differently than it did before. Like when I’m washing my leg, I can feel my fingertips around the other side of my leg.

I’ve never been able to do that around my leg, like washing my back. The bulge, that’s why I used to never wear t-shirts is gone now. It’s just smooth. And then for those of you listening to me right now, he starts making a gesture inches away from his chest in like a circular pattern. And he locks eye contact with me and he goes, You know, the biggest thing is.

The man boobs are gone now. Do you hear that often? And I have to respond. That’s the creepiest thing someone has ever asked me. Please stop staring and making eye contact with me. But congratulations. I know where you’re coming from on that. Enjoy it. , we had the rapport that I can poke fun of from that way.

So I bring this up, which is exactly the reference you all expected here today on a episode about stop smoking hypnosis. I bring that up because the more oddly specific, the feedback and, and trust me, you can’t weird me out now cuz I’ve heard everything. Here’s the person that going to the bathroom was easier.

Here’s the person who you know. So what you’re hearing right now are some of the stories that I will drop conversationally during either the sales consult or in conversation during the appointment. Now this is the preframe. I am setting an expectation for oddly specific change. I wanna pause here for a second and I wanna highlight exactly what’s going on here.

If you change the direction of the spotlight as to where you focus your suggestions, the stuff that would have to happen for that oddly specific suggestion to occur becomes what we like to call in hypnosis, a pre opposition. So when I say during the fifth class, for those of you inside of Work Smart Hypnosis Live, that’s where we start to troubleshoot specific client problems.

Like someone mentioned about someone who went back to smoking. Which inside of that pre-supposition would be the assumption that well sign up for the class. And that’s when we discussed that, which again, I want you to hear this. When you metaphorically shine the spotlight of change to an oddly specific place, it presumes everything else that had to have happened will happen.

Do you want another example of this? I ask you rhetorically for the most part, because you’re gonna be listening to the podcast though. We have a massive audience watching. We do this one live. I think it was the man boob story. It was instead the place that if your weight loss client, you know, we all know the eat slower taste, the food more pattern and I’ll just call it out.

Part of what I do is directly modeled from Roy Hunter’s. Art of hypnotherapy is benefits approach. You find yourself eating slower, tasting the food more. That’s pointing the spotlight of the change on the action. My suggestion to you is point the suggestion for the. On what needs to happen after that.

Now, not an action the client is taking, but listen to what’s different with this. And as you’re there, you know, being drawn to the appropriate foods in the right portions, eating slowly to taste your food even more, be there in that moment now where it’s as if you can feel the exact changes on a microscopic level as to how your body is responding differently to the different food choices as if you can.

The lean healthy proteins breaking down and becoming the building blocks of your body as if you can feel the appropriate healthy fats becoming the hormonal balance of your body as you feel what’s different now. I love a ambiguous suggestion as you feel what’s different now? Applying to your body, making use of the nutrients, the vegetables, the appropriate sources of the building blocks of your body.

You find yourself becoming so deeply fascinated with how your body absorbs this nutrition reverse engineer to be there. With that, the spotlight now, it means they’re doing the other things the same way that suggesting fascination and curiosity is one of the biggest things I’m doing Nowaday. Because it just works.

But now you see where to shine the spotlight differently. The same way that now person wants to get into some style of weight lifting, which I know not to dip into the, Oh, here’s what I do, do that, because it may not be what’s best for them, but the difference is now. You find yourself bringing your full focus inside of that range of motion, feeling the contraction of the muscle, feeling the relaxation of the muscle, as if you can imagine the way that your body is making use of all the appropriate nutrition to build that muscle back stronger and more resilient over time.

Do you see the formula here? This is what’s inside of this. We are pointing that spotlight on the ultra microscopic. Specificity of the change, which then builds the presumption that all these other things will be happening. I have to say, I’ve not really heard any other people talk about this. Maybe I’ll throw a fancy name on it and claim I invented it.

This is just the result of seeing thousands of clients and troubleshooting the fact that it’s easier to get someone to stop something. It’s, I won’t say impossible, but it’s a bit more of a challenge to get someone to start something. So if you wanna get someone to start something, you change the focal point of where their attention.

To what would be happening once they’re already inside of it. There you go. How do I get so much stuff done? Because I do this to myself and I had to reverse engineer it and go, How do we turn this into a process? And someone just said, Brilliant in the live chat for this and I can’t see your name. And I look forward to seeing who else is brilliant later on.

This is gold. Oh yeah. So again, shine that spotlight somewhere differently. So wait a minute. This is a podcast episode about increasing the success of your follow up with Stop Smoking clients. This is the whole work smart principle, because what we’re doing is looking at how to universalize a strategy and make it even better, which would be to look at the fact that now if we shine that spotlight of the follow up on the oddly specific things that they’re going to be looking for.

Do you see how what we’re doing here in a personal change aspect is we are bombarding their focus as to where their attention is going to be. This is why this is not to throw the field of nutritionist under the bus. It’s to throw one specific nutritionist under the bus. Like, this guy was my client and like, you know, Well, what about sweets?

He was asked and he responded kind of like me. I’m really not much of a sweets person. I might just eat the healthier stuff a little too much. You know, but as he said, if I am gonna have something sweet, like I’ll hit like Whole Foods and buy a really high quality, dark chocolate, but like, I’m not gonna eat the whole bar in one sitting.

I might, you know, let it sit in the freezer or the fridge and break off some over time, to which somehow this nutritionist, air quotes, heard that and berated this man for 30 minutes about how bad the chocolate was for. And I’m like, How’d that go for you? He goes, When I left, all I could think about was chocolate.

So stop suggesting the thing they don’t want and start suggesting the thing they do want, which again, let’s change their focus. If we don’t shine that spotlight in the right place, what happens is now they’re going, Am I smoking here? Am I smoking there? If you change the internal dialogue, Which again, you’ve heard me in a recent episode say, I look at hypnosis now as a process of mutual positive psychological influence in which hypnotic phenomenon may be possible.

Do you see how we’re finessing their attention? But again, every personal change, all of them always come down to showing people they have more options and more strategies than they gave themselves credit for. There’s every stop, smoking, nail biting, procrastination. Too much of this, too much of that client.

That’s the change every single time. That’s the story that we’re helping to direct inside of their minds. So by shining the spotlight on a different part of the story and letting them become deeply fascinated with that concept of where they’re going. Do you see how now it becomes easier to build the police acquisi?

Now they’re actually doing the thing. So I’ve hinted earlier at the habit of the habit pattern, which would be that you find yourself being reminded of these old things, and it’s not even like you would smoke in those moments. Of course not. It’s instead that there’s something oddly curious or just unique about that moment.

So we’ve wrapped up the session, I’m doing my post session follow up, which those of you in workers or hyno, uh, work Smart Hypnosis live, you’ll see that there. In terms of how I do that follow up in the last five or six minutes, that sets the full expectation to success, Ratifies exactly how well they’ve done.

Gotta pause there. Anytime someone’s doing something new, the dialogue in their brain is, Do it. Did I do that? You know, if I’m repairing something at home, if I’m trying to fix the, um, circuit breaker that keeps popping in this rental house, if I’m working with a personal trainer, if I’m learning a new piece of software, am I doing this right?

Your client is always asking themself, Am I doing this right? In hypnosis, This is why there’s gold in the phrase. That’s right cuz it helps to satisfy that. So there’s a way that I wrap up the first five mi the last five minutes after the session, which ratifies exactly how well they’ve done. And I would say ends the session with a high five.

But now that I’m a hundred percent online, ends the session with a virtual high five and a rather enthusiastic thumbs up or a pat yourself on the back. I use that with them too. So this is the frame for. Which by the way too, after everything else that you may have seen from me. Now, by the way, just so you know, I mentioned earlier this category of habit.

Of the habit, which I’ll tell you a friend of mine. Thank you, Sean. Michael Andrews a friend of mine. Actually at one point said he got tired of seeing stop smoking clients and it was his wife who goes, You’re saving people’s lives. And he goes, Okay, I’ll keep doing it. Which that’s a big part of why as much as I’m now working with entrepreneurs and you know, business owners with the influence brand of what I do, there’s part of a reason why I still love seeing stop smoking, and I’m not willing to automate that, and I’m not willing to let it go because.

Makes me so happy. Yes. I love the stories and you know, here I am with the kids and here’s the dynamic that we changed. But I’ll tell you the part that keeps me going is these, again, oddly specific stories that just show how sometimes the littlest of a shift creates the massive benefit. I have to give a disclaimer cuz you’re all hypnotist.

Don Moten used to tell a story finally happened for me. So now it’s my story too, cuz I’ll tell you the one that I love the most. This woman called me up three years later, she’d been non-smoking, not smoking for three years and she goes, I needed to call you up cuz that whole habit thing. Which first of all, thank you.

You’ve saved my life. This is amazing. She goes, I have an African gray parrot, like the smartest birds in the world, the one that can sing songs and like recite sentences. She goes, I dropped a few years ago, like $5,000 in veterinary bills to try to figure out what was wrong with my bird. Like, did it get like kennel cough like dogs would get and a kennel?

Was it this was it that she goes, and it finally dawned on me in the last six months. Now that I’m not smoking, now I’m not coughing, and now my bird isn’t coughing either, so my bird was never sick. It was instead that the bird was mimicking me. But when the stimulus was no longer there, the bird stopped doing it.

I thought you’d love that. I’m going, I’m gonna tell everybody I talk to now and I do another one. I had a guy who was a marathon runner and actually said, You know, in spite of the fact that I run this distance this frequently, the smoking really hasn’t affected me. It was only four months later that he calls me up and he, his intro, Mind you, he’s okay.

But he goes, Apparently I was. Is everything okay? He goes, No, no. It used to take me three days to recover from a marathon, you know, And the last race that I did, I shaved 20 minutes off of my best time and like I was active the rest of the day. Used to be daddy’s gotta lay down now cuz I ran 26.2 miles.

He goes. The kids and I went to the mall that afternoon and like we did a lap. Those of you that know Northern Virginia at Tyson’s Corner, we did the entire mall and then even went to a trampoline park the next morning. I could have never done that before. My recovery time is so different, and yes, I’ve heard a little bit of everything, whether it’s going to, the bathroom was easier.

Or this intimate moment was easier or, you know, I enjoyed the fact that I was able to put my kids to beg bed faster cuz I wasn’t rushing to the bathroom to wash my hands. These are those little nuances that just make me keep doing this. So, uh, I’m gonna call you up, Today’s the eighth that I’m recording this.

I’m gonna call you in only about a week, uh, because I want to hear what those specific little odd things are that you’re noticing. Even if it’s the fact that like you’ve got more cash in your wallet or whatever it. But what time of day would be good for you to do that call? What have I done now? I have shined the spotlight in a different place because now we are fulfilling, we are bombarding their mind back to the chocolate guy with the nutritionist, My whole first round of change with him was filling the mind abundantly with all the positive choices he could make and the right portions being drawn to those that.

Now as if he could feel the nutrition absorbing into his system, which now I have to tell you what I call that technique in my head, the Popeye method, because Popeye would eat the spinach and instantaneously be stronger. I’d go, How do we do that in hypnosis? So stop buying books, start watching cartoons, become a better hypnotist.

You’re welcome. Uh, so the same idea and, and again, as I had to ask myself, because over the years I’ve played a bit of a survivor game in my business, especially that now, The business has grown substantially and seeing individual clients is not clearly the only thing that I do and the survivor game is I keep going back to one of my main websites and removing categories, you know, to go.

I just don’t work with that now because, well, I have the clientele that I can focus on what I want and I, I can now sometimes say to somebody, That, you know what, I could help you with that, but because I know the entire industry of my profession, if I had that issue, I would call this person, which means I should give you their phone number.

Are you ready to write it down? So I have built things up so that now I can focus on the specific clientele that I want. And, and, and as I ask myself a little while ago, what about the stop smoking people do I love? And, and this is what came to mind, and I found by bringing this level of just nerdy specific excite.

This level of specificity to something. And making that be the focal point of some of those hypnotic suggestions. The results are incredible. The testimonials are rolling in faster and they’re having fun with it. You know. Any, any humor we can bring to the process? And again, your specific style, your specific style that you’ve heard.

The way that I do it in the last bit of time we’ve spent here, you’re gonna have to modify this for. You’re gonna have to make this your own. You may have your own specific stories, or you can say, Someone who I learned hypnosis from told me this incredible story that was so good. I have to share it with you.

And now use these for yourself. But the main takeaway of this is that if we’re shining the spotlight of the follow up on basically, Hey, did it work? You know, and I do have a nuance, Those of you inside of Work Smart Hypnosis Live act surprise when I do this. My bragging rights is that I sometimes will pull out the joke of, Wait, this stuff works , and almost everyone I’ve said that to is now a full-time professional.

It’s a nice little nuance to that, but, but there’s this aspect of just being surprised by the change and yes, it’s wonderful. I’ve saved $15,000 by not smoking for five years. Yes, it’s wonderful that, you know, this health benefit is there. My doctor cleared me for the surgery, but the fact that, sorry, in the morning when I go pee, it’s not cloudy and ugly and it doesn’t smell bad.

I just realize I’m taking better care of myself. How much more specific can I get here? People? , not me. I don’t smoke. Uh, it worked. No. So by, by focusing that attention. So look at this. This is the whole work smart philosophy. Nobody puts hypnotic techniques in the corner. Thank you. Dirty dancing. Look at any specific method and look at what I’ve shared with you.

And, and even better, go over to the Work Smart Hypnosis community. That’s a free group on Facebook. Go to the show notes eventually, and you’ll see that there. And I wanna hear your commentary on how you might adapt this for other things. You know the fact that I direct attention in my public speaking clients to the feeling of your own voice resonating in the chamber of your own body for that to be happening.

They’re speaking with confidence in using their full voice. What has to happen in the oddly specific nuances of their change? Let me direct the focus there, which then presupposes everything else dominoes for that to. This is a big thing that I’ve put into a change in terms of how I work with people, and I want you to hear the same nuance that maybe you’ve heard me say before.

Here I am constantly looking at playful language. How do we go placebo on techniques that actually work, which the premise is how do we take methods that actually. From an evidence based approach to hypnosis and now frame them in a much better way to make them even more effective. That’s how we follow up.

That’s how we create greater results. That’s how we create phenomenal shifts that inspire stories and turn your clients. Into raving fans. Jason Lynette here, and once again, thank you so much for interacting with this program, for sharing this and your social media streams, and of course, leaving your reviews online.

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So if you’re not yet confident, customizing on the fly if you’re stuck inside of rigid protocols or troubleshooting the methods. As to what do you do when something’s not going right? That really is the sole focus of work Smart hypnosis live and online. Love to have you there. I’ve got Richard non guard joining me for the next upcoming event, bringing in his slant of evidence based hypnosis, and again, lock in your space early because these events do tend to sell out pretty far in advance.

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