How do you follow-up with your stop smoking clients? Many hypnotists fall prey to the game of assumption – assuming that if they follow-up with their clients, it will sow the seeds of doubt in your services and reduce their confidence in your skills. But following-up is a critical step on achieving your client’s desired results.After all – it’s always a great idea to check your work.

So, how do you follow-up with your clients without sowing the seeds of doubt or breaking their trust and confidence in the services you offer?

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Today, I share how to follow-up with your stop smoking clients for better results. I reveal how you cando a follow-up in a high-impact way and create stronger results, if not further reinforce the result. I demonstrate how collecting oddly specific stories will help you metaphorically shine the spotlight of change in a rather unique place. I explain how you can use this technique beyond helping your stop smoking clients. I also share why I love suggesting fascination and curiosity and how you can take successful methods and frame them in a better way to make them even more effective.

“ When you satisfy the concern in advance, you have now inoculated a future problem. ” – Jason Linett

  • The number one rule for influential communication and how to hit the emotional components of decisions to motivate change
  • How to satisfy objections before they arise and motivate towards a change or the next step
  • Helping clients identify their character of change
  • Collecting feedback and ultra-specific stories and leveraging them in your sales consultation or during the appointment to set the context for oddly specific change
  • Why it is easier to get someone to stop something than start something and how to achieve the latter and wrap-up your hypnosis sessions
  • How to modify this approach for you and client issues outside of stop smoking
  • Taking methods that work and framing them in a better way to make them more effective

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