Vinnie Brigance is a certified hypnotherapist and the Founder of Kalamazoo Hypnosis where he helps clients permanently quit smoking – without cravings. His passion for helping people quit smoking stems from his mother’s struggle with COPD and emphysema, which ultimately led to her passing in 2018. Born and raised in Michigan, Vinnie discovered the impact and effectiveness hypnosis can have on creating positive change after graduating from the University of Massachusetts-Boston with a degree in Political Science. With a newfound passion and desire to help others create life-altering breakthroughs, he opened his own hypnosis practice in January 2020 where he currently sees 95% of his clients online.

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Vinnie joins me today to share how outcome-oriented action is always the solution to building an audience, creating an impact, and helping the community and economy. We discuss whether the client needs an absolute pain point for change to be effective. Vinnie shares the systems he’s using right now and how he has changed his approach and methods to reflect working online with clients. He highlights the value in creating assets and sharing content with strategies for making the biggest impact you can with your particular skill. Vinnie shares why you should get some training and get out there as soon as possible, recognizing that doing the work and listening to clients is the fastest way to learn and build your skills. Vinnie also shares tips on creating internal motivation to boost your outreach efforts and describes his love for Parts Integration Therapy and conversational hypnosis.

“You want to condition your audience to do something you ask because compliance builds suggestibility.” – Vinnie Brigance

  • Red flags and determining if the client’s issue needs to be an absolute pain point for hypnosis to be effective
  • Why you should look to create a larger and broader impact with your skill
  • Changing your methods, reducing your pretalk, and evolving hypnosis for online sessions
  • Creating assets and repurposable resources, such as videos, to increase your online presence and reach a larger audience
  • Being willing to put yourself out there, recognize that everything doesn’t need to be flawless and discovering your voice by listening and learning
  • Setting outreach goals and managing your internal motivation
  • How to build engagement and get your audience to do something

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