I almost always begin my hypnosis sessions with the Dave Elman induction. Not just because it works, but because it teaches the client and myself to always think in a process-oriented approach. This methodology sets the framework of: now we have done step one, we can move on to step two, and so on. This is a 100% successful approach because embedded inside the training of this technique is troubleshooting, which allows you to make modifications to pass that test and move on to the next step and get into the work.

Cheryl Elman is the President and Certified Master Trainer at the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute. She is an international speaker and teaches instructors the latest in Rapid Induction Methods and Certifications. She began her career as a high school instructor, spending thirty years in this role and fourteen years as the Vice President, Manager, and Trainer of two New York City companies.

Larry Elman is the son of Dave Elman and is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist. Larry followed in his father’s footsteps, graduating from his father’s Course in Medical Hypnosis three times. He became an Aeronautical Engineer and Air Force Colonel before retiring to write, travel, and teach about his father’s life and hypnosis career. He speaks at many international conferences, winning many presenters and lifetime achievement awards.

Larry and Cheryl join me today to discuss the Dave Elman Legacy Global Zoom Conference. Cheryl and Larry share how you can learn about modeling the techniques of Dave Elman and how you can customize them to your own style and the needs of your client. Larry shares some of Dave Elman’s background and experiences, and reveals why the eye-lock became part of the Dave Elman induction. Cheryl highlights the topics and keynotes of the conference and shares how you will be able to revisit the content later. Larry also shares why you should adopt a philosophy of asking why and how this will make you an excellent hypnotist.

“ All human education and positive interaction have – what my father would call – a waking hypnosis component .” – Larry Elman

  • The Dave Elman Legacy and how doctors adopted the Dave Elman induction due to its speed, reliability, and success rate
  • The origin of the eye-lock in the Dave Elman induction and why it works
  • The exciting lesser-known presenters who will be featured at the Dave Elman Legacy Global Zoom Conference
  • The presentation topics, including pain management, the long effects of COVID, fibromyalgia,and dentistry hypno-anesthesia
  • When you can listen to the conference and how you can revisit the content and six keynotes later
  • The ‘want it to happen’, ‘expect it to happen’ and ‘watch it happen’ components of education and change
  • Why you should always ask why something works and how you can make it work better

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