You have a lot to figure out in the early days of running your hypnosis business. This was the case for me, and while I became highly successful and launched a six-figure business seeing clients in my first full year, over time, we learn new things that are incredibly worthwhile. While you can grow your business without paying for advertising – and I used to be proud of this message – I learned a few tricks that drive business success and can help you get there quicker.

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In today’s episode, I look at whether you should pay for advertising and discuss how we can better run our hypnosis businesses. I discuss the logic and psychology beneath advertising so you can see exactly how it works. I share what I did before I started to pay for advertising and reveal the operating costs you should expect. I share how you can prepare and nail your messaging and highlight why you should look at content creation with a long-term view and see it as an asset. I share the mechanics behind retargeting ads and how they help secure purchases from those who were not in a position to buy on the first visit to your website. I also discuss how isolating your market will drive business success and the ad investing equation you should practice.

“Advertising is about reminding people that you exist.” – Jason Linett

  • How to find an audience, discover what their needs might be, lead with value, and craft a presentation to introduce hypnosis around that concept
  • The operating costs of hypnosis businesses, getting your message in front of the right people and perfecting your pitch
  • Creating content and how to extrapolate continued value years into the future
  • The principles of retargeting ads, why they are practical, and how to make it easy for people to find you
  • How to change your business through changing your audience and focusing on your niche market
  • The investor’s mindset, the investing equation you need to know, and spending money at the right time

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