Craig Mackay is the Owner and Consultant Hypnotist at Freedom Hypnosis, where he helps clients take control of their thoughts, feelings, reactions, and behaviors. He grew up in Scotland and worked as a Marine Control Room Operator before moving to the US and gaining his NGH and ICBCH Hypnosis Certification in 2013. In 2014, he started his business in New York City, seeing clients in his one-bedroom apartment and WeWork office, before taking his business 100% online.

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Craig joins me today to share how you can create successful outcomes through the freedom of hypnosis. He shares how to work within your client’s model of the world, beliefs, faith, perceptions, and spiritual modes of thinking. Craig discusses shifting the client’s perceptions to be open to new things and new avenues to explore. He describes how you and the client can use the safety of hypnosis to explore new experiences. He shares why it is vital to run loops of action sets, attach an idea to an action, and specify the cause and effect relationships. Craig also reveals the four steps of placing the client in the result to set the change in motion.in a trance state.

“ The power is in the perception, primarily, because that is what’s informing what we will do or not do to actually change those things externally or in our environment.” – Craig Mackay

  • How different belief systems, perceptions, faiths, and spiritual modes of thinking have the same core elements
  • Working within the client’s framework of the world and the questions to ask before the “formal hypnosis” begins
  • Using hypnosis to set new reference points in the mind to imagine freely what new experiences would be like
  • The different marketing activities where Craig has found success
  • Giving the client tools and skill sets to change their future emotional states beyond the outcomes they desire now
  • Using the three components of challenges to achieve an outcome
  • Accepting constant growth and changing the way you do things

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