Dawn Smith is an ICBCH Board Certified Professional Hypnotist who helps people create profound mindset shifts through positive change. Dawn grew up living hypnotically with family members already doing hypnosis and has a passion for helping clients with pain control, stress release, anxiety reduction, and academic performance. She lives in Pensacola Beach, Florida, and studied Philosophy and Religious Studies at the University of West Florida.

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Dawn joins me today to discuss hypnotic introductions. She shares what it was like growing up with hypnosis as part of her daily life, and her experience with formal training and exploring other careers before working as a full-time hypnotist. Dawn shares the strategies and techniques you can use to introduce what you do. Dawn also highlights the easy local wins you can make through seizing opportunities for engagement and building connections with social marketing.

“ Don’t hide behind training and trying to figure every single thing out before you get started. Just start seeing people and putting yourself out there and it will start coming together.” – Dawn Smith

  • How growing up with a career hypnotist parent highlighted the power of the words we say and the way we use our minds
  • How Dawn introduced hypnotic thinking into various careers focused on helping people
  • Hypnotic approaches Dawn recognizes today that her mother would use during conversational hypnosis sessions
  • Why new hypnotists should not worry about which technique to use
  • How hypnotists can achieve faster outcomes and how it helps clients stay on track
  • Starting a hypnosis business by modeling other successful professionals and why Dawn introduced the Velvet Rope Strategy into her business model
  • Curating a clientele through social marketing methods and examples where human engagement can lead to referrals
  • Maintaining transparency in the responsibilities of the client and 30-second next-day follow-ups

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