Toni Macri-Reiner is an ICBCH Board-Certified Clinical Hypnotist, Life Coach, and the Owner of Indiana Hypnosis For Change. She is a Faster EFT, TRE, and NLP Practitioner. Aside from seeing clients, Toni runs Integrated Hypnosis Training, helping individuals achieve their certification with ICBCH. Toni has a thirty-year background in pottery and fine craft art before transitioning into a hypnosis career where she uses her natural talent for creativity to help other people.

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Toni joins me today to discuss conversational neuroscience and shares how we can introduce research into the work we do. She reveals the conversational neuroscience process and explains how to identify the patterns that already exist in the client’s life to appropriately interrupt them so the client can create new pathways in their mind. Toni also shares how you can layer in techniques, teach, and achieve hypnotic change before formally saying ‘close your eyes.

“ You are not going to get what you want by focusing on what you don’t want.” – Toni Macri-Reiner

  • How Toni built her business through talking about hypnosis, word-of-mouth, and continued training
  • Why Toni uses a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation before booking client sessions
  • The techniques Toni uses, including Faster Tapping, Freddy Jacquin’s Arrow, NLP Reframing, Future Pace, Suggestions, and Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
  • How the conversational work and pattern interrupts have allowed Toni to reduce the length of her sessions
  • Where to set the expectations of your client and teaching the tools and techniques they can use in the future
  • The Move Away technique, giving your clients the space to solve a problem, and examples of the language Toni uses

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