I often create space on my calendar so that people can speak to me and get their questions answered about the various training events, such as WorkSmartHypnosis Live and the ICBCH Train the Trainer Program. I also do this to hear what people’s goals are and why they are signing up for events – to make the events better and customize the training to those who will be there in the room or online. Half of the classes usually consist of people who are brand new and looking for certification. In contrast, the other half is already trained and seeing clients but feels stuck working inside rigid protocols and techniques and do not feel they can customize their approach on the fly with clients.

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Today, I share why you should work with the heart of a teacher first and service provider second. I unpack some of the strategies and influential protocols you can use inside your process. I share how to build an environment where the client’s old challenge no longer holds the ground it once had and becomes so wholly incongruent, the client doesn’t go back to their old way of living. I also share stories about creating a world where change is inevitable and the mindset adjustments to make this easier and more natural for you.

“If you really do have the heart of a trainer, you ought to be teaching.” – Jason Linett

  • Setting your clients up to recognize that they already have the skills they need inside them
  • Bringing the client into the process to create an automatic response and build independence in the individual
  • Using stories to teach, inform, and create multiple influential points to reinforce that the client is an active participant inside of the process
  • Signs that you are focusing on your clients’ problems more than the solutions
  • Why you should remove the word ‘reinforce’ from your client repertoire and focus on sharpening skills, performance enhancement, and elevating results
  • Explaining your philosophy and creating a hypotonic environment where your client learns skills, tools, and abilities

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