Graham Webber is a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, Hypnosis Trainer & Coach, and the Owner of Graham Webber Hypnotherapy. Graham has served in the British Army for eighteen years as a Vehicle Mechanic and Military Training Instructor. He began learning hypnosis to complement his magic skills and later made a move to therapy, helping clients with anxiety and weight loss. Graham currently teaches Rapid Inductions and The Kinetic Shift Practitioners Course with the UK Hypnosis Academy.

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Graham joins me today to discuss the various techniques you can leverage in your hypnotic service. He shares why confidence plays a crucial role in creating a hypnotic state, highlights a range of suggestibility tests, and reveals how to adapt these to improve responsiveness and move people into hypnosis. Graham shares why it is vital to gather information from your client and describes how you can use this to guide change during your hypnotherapy session. He also explores how you can advance your skills and move from a scripted approach towards script freedom.

“ By utilizing your intention you can guide them to the best information.” – Graham Webber

  • Why you need a hypnosis coach and the role of self-confidence and belief in hypnotizing someone
  • Graham’s approach and variation to the Finger Magnets technique and moving people into trance
  • Graham’s Hypnosis Online Meet Ups project and the advantages of being part of a group of hypnotherapists
  • How to transition from ‘the deepener’ to the hypnosis work and use information gathered from the client to guide them
  • How often you should repeat suggestions in your hypnotherapy sessions
  • Using bullet points as an alternative to a script to keep you on track and move towards script- freedom

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