As an encore to podcast session #83, every hypnosis practitioner wants to become a fully booked hypnotist. Whether you are a hypnotist just starting out or an experienced hypnotist with only a partially booked schedule, it is changing how you do things that will get results. My real-world-tested strategies will help you get noticed, acquire clients and build a thriving hypnosis business.

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I share my whole HypnoThoughts Live 2018 presentation titled Pack Your Schedule. I share how I began my career, started training in hypnosis and how my business, Virginia Hypnosis, transitioned into a fully packed office in just one month. I reveal my foundation and strategy for everything, regardless of where you market your hypnosis services. I talk about relationship building with a human-to-human connection, along with what’s working now.

“ Too many people have incredible skills. Your skills are only good if there is a person actually in the chair doing the work.” – Jason Linett

  • My roadmap of how to get things started on your journey to being a fully booked hypnotist.
  • How to create a daily hypnosis news and research digest with Google News Alerts.
  • Identifying your clients and how to speak to them.
  • How to use the uniqueness of your backstory.
  • Getting out of the office and talking about what you do, through presentations and networking.
  • How to transition from active to passive strategies and the journey of visibility to credibility and profitability.
  • How to take/build systems and leverage those systems into other things.
  • Why you should be a hypnosis expert and not a vendor.
  • How to format your presentation using the value, value, value, pivot technique.
  • Building value first and using a double bind.
  • Using the pivot to create something and thus becoming a hypnotherapy expert.
  • Why if you try to sell to everyone you end up selling nothing.
  • How to sell the next step.
  • The two things that made the income that I have today.
  • Why you should bring your own story and be human.
  • How to hypnotize with conviction.
  • Curate content to become a peer.
  • How I get in front of the right people.

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