Nathan Gist is a Confidence Coach and the Owner of Fredericksburg Hypnosis where he helps thousands of people overcome anxiety and fear and build their self-confidence. He is an international speaker as well as the morning show host and production director of Virginia’s Positive Hits & Spirit FM. He is also the owner of Unshakable Trading, where he helps people build trader resilience and reprogram bad habits. Nathan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from Life Christian University and is a board certified hypnotist, a certified Master Hypnotist, and a certified Master NLP practitioner.

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Nathan joins me today to celebrate episode #350 of this program, and to discuss the hypnotic hero’s journey. He shares how you can work intelligently to drive the business and focus on what you do best. He describes how to build a foundation in the early days and how to discover what you are passionate about and good at. He shares the effort and time commitment it takes to get things started and how he balances a full-time and part-time job while raising a family. Nathan also shares how he helps people overcome limiting beliefs and how he works with trader’s through emotional stress.

“ It’s learning how to utilize your brain and the patterns and the way certain things work in the first place .” – Nathan Gist

  • Using a two-minute networking event speech and how to turn your audience into your sales force
  • Building social proof with reviews and testimonies
  • Creating a balance and juggling multiple jobs, businesses, and family life
  • How Nathan handles conversations about faith and hypnosis
  • The types of clients Nathan works with and how he is helping people with limiting beliefs
  • Nathan’s experience with working with traders and the trader’s psychology, emotions, and stresses

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