Pattie Belle Hastings is a Licensed Certified Hypnotist and the Founder of Soul Shepherd Hypnosis. She is an entrepreneur, the Design Consultant and Owner of Mindful Marks, a Professor of Interactive Media and Design at Quinnipiac University, and the author of the upcoming book titled The 7 Step Digital Detox. Pattie Belle has a BFA and MFA in Visual Art and Design from Atlanta College of Art and Vermont College of Fine Arts. She has undertaken many studies and training, including Non-Violent Communication, NLP, Advanced Coaching, and Embodied Leadership.

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Pattie Belle joins me today to discuss how she helps her clients in the category of digital detox. She describes how an introduction to the personal change methods has allowed her to control her thinking, turn her life around, and find phenomenal success. Pattie Belle shares how you can use Compassionate Communication to help your clients uncover the underlying needs beneath their feelings to facilitate breakthroughs and change. She shares what it means to step into a lifestyle of Divine Finances. Pattie Belle also discusses digital addiction, using hypnosis to discover positive resource states, and a future vision to initiate a digital detox.

“ Great innovations and breakthroughs come through states of focus and flow.” – Pattie Belle Hastings

  • Pattie Belle’s introduction to hypnosis. goal-orientated meditation, and mind management with the Silver Method
  • Facilitating change through different methods, practices, and modalities
  • Using Marshall Rosenberg’s Compassionate Communication/Non-Violent Communication in hypnosis to facilitate massive changes and breakthroughs
  • Money healing and what it means to step into a lifestyle of Divine Finances
  • Dopamine-seeking habits and Pattie Belle’s digital detox mission
  • Incorporating hypnosis into digital addiction recovery by establishing positive resource states and tying those to a vision of the future
  • Using fundraising as a strategy to grow your business

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