Over the course of the last two years, millions of hypnotists have shifted their business models to offer their services online. And through this shift, questions like, “Are people still buying this?” and “Does this work online?” often come up. But there’s a bigger picture dialogue that needs to be addressed. Whether people are still buying or whether a service works better in person rather than online isn’t necessarily the question you should be asking. The truth is: If you ask a better question, you’ll get a better answer.

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Today, I share my hybrid model for change and the hybrid programs I used to achieve client success. I share how these formulas helped me triple the size of my business over the last two years and how they can help you create more value in your hypnosis business. I discuss how you can streamline your hypnotic process while providing a better client experience in a way that helps your clients achieve success independently, without relying on you. I also share strategies you can use to create assets to supplement your hypnotic processes.

“ Sometimes it’s not about teaching your client hypnotic change methods, it’s about letting your client become hypnotic.” – Jason Linett

  • The language I use with my clients and students to ensure hypnotic success
  • Why I haven’t conducted a pre-talk with clients in over 3 years
  • Incorporating your client’s own mechanisms as the anchor for their hypnotic success
  • Creating boilerplate content and resources to help your clients achieve success on their own
  • How to build assets that supplement your hypnotic processes

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