Tamelynda Lux is a hypnosis practitioner, speaker, and author of multiple books, including Bold Spirit: Caring for the Dying and Wrongful Dismissal: From Wounded to Thriving. She is the founder of Lux & Associates and StepStone Hypnosis, two hypnosis practices based in London, Ontario, Canada. For over 20 years, Tamelynda has helped clients through a variety of life experience with one-on-one coaching, her published books, and by offering peer discussion groups.

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Tamelynda joins me today to share her journey into hypnosis and how she helps her clients embrace freedom and create positive change by shifting the language she uses in client sessions. We discuss how she blends hypnosis with coaching when working with clients and how she discovered the power of shifting your language about a client’s issue to reframe it in a way to set change into motion. Tamelynda explains why she asks her clients to create vision boards to identify they change they truly want to create. We also discuss her experience with Richard Nongard’s 12-week book course and how it helped her become a 5-time published author.

“Release what doesn’t work and embrace what does work. Know what you want and what you don’t – in life and business – and do it.” – Tamelynda Lux

  • Tamelynda’s first introduction to hypnosis and how it helped her overcome alcohol addiction
  • Knowing when to share your story with your clients
  • How Tamelynda blends hypnosis with coaching work
  • How Tamelynda learned to use language and word processing techniques in her hypnosis sessions
  • How shifting your language around a client’s issue can help set change into motion
  • Asking clients to create a vision board to identify the change they want to create
  • Tamelynda’s experience with Richard Nongard’s 12-week book course
  • How Tamelynda became a published author and her passion for writing and editing

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