Colin Chapman is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and stage hypnosis performer based in Richmond, Virginia. He is the founder of Hypnosis is Amazing, where he offers amazing, fun, and funny stage hypnosis shows. He is also the founder of The Joy of Hypnosis where he helps clients improve their sleep, quit smoking, manage pain, reduce stress, and improve their performance by manifesting the change they desire within themselves through the power of hypnosis. As an entrepreneur with a background in sales, political consulting, telecom, and the automotive industry, Colin began studying sales techniques based on NLP. After personally realizing the power of hypnotic change, he decided to use his passion, skills, and knowledge to help others. Colin is clinically certified by the International Board of Clinical Practitioners and is a member of the American Hypnosis Association.

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Colin joins me today to share his journey into stage hypnosis and NLP and why he believes hypnosis is amazing. He shares the marketing strategies he used when he launched his hypnosis business and how he discovered your clients are often your best hypnosis trainers. He explains how how his sales strategies and pricing models have evolved over the last decade. We discuss the “Power of Free” and the benefits of teaching your clients self-hypnosis techniques. We discuss the impact that COVID had on Colin’s stage and clinical hypnosis businesses and how hypnosis helped Colin personally overcome a 2-pack-a-day smoking habit, a 10-year-long fear of flying, as well as PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury. Colin also shares how he attracts new clients to his clinical hypnosis practice through his stage hypnosis performances.

“My very best hypnosis trainers have been my clients because they’ve let me know what’s really working – and they’ve let me know what’s not Taking that feedback in is really powerful.” – Colin Chapman

  • Colin’s journey into the hypnosis industry and how his wife reacted when he decided to change his career path
  • Marketing strategies Colin used to grow his hypnosis business
  • Why Colin believes the best hypnosis training he’s received has been from his clients
  • Using Groupon & LivingSocial to attract new clients
  • Guiding new clients through your sales funnel and toward your premium products and services
  • The complexities of pricing for your hypnosis sessions
  • Understanding the “Power of Free”
  • How Colin helps his clients improve their sleep and overcome sleep disorders through hypnosis and self-hypnosis strategies
  • How COVID impacted Colin’s stage and clinical hypnosis businesses
  • Blending the science and art of comedy with hypnosis
  • How adding a mentalism element improved Colin’s stage hypnosis shows
  • How hypnosis significantly impacted Colin’s life
  • How Colin attracts new clinical hypnosis clients through his stage hypnosis shows

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