Podcast Session #375- Digital Freedom As A Hypnotist

Do you find it difficult to be as effective in your online hypnosis sessions as you are in-person? Are you ready to level up your career and help your online hypnosis clients achieve powerful, transformational results in your hypnosis sessions? Over the last few years, many hypnotists have pivoted their services to serve their clients in an online, remote setting. But still, many hypnotists struggle to achieve the same level of effectiveness that they see during their in-person sessions.

Today, I discuss how the way we do hypnosis has changed since 2020 and why offering online hypnosis sessions has become a staple for many hypnosis professionals. I share why I decided to completely stop offering in-person hypnosis sessions and how pivoting to a full-time online hypnosis model has allowed me to grow my business to it’s full potential and intentionally ‘live on vacation’ with my family. I also share a sneak peek into what you can expect by joining the Do Hypnosis Anywhere 5-Day Challenge and how it can help you level up your career as an online hypnosis professional.

Join me June 6, 2022 for the Do Hypnosis Anywhere 5-Day Challenge! It’s time to take the confusion and overwhelm out of creating powerful, effective, transformative hypnotic change online. Visit www.dohypnosisanywhere.com for more information and register to join.

“Never take advantage of people – but take advantage of an opportunity.” – Jason Linett

  • Debunking the myth that online hypnosis is less effective than in-person hypnosis
  • Why many professionals in the hypnosis industry have pivoted to offering online hypnosis sessions
  • How pivoting my business to exclusively offering online hypnosis sessions has helped me achieve exponential growth
  • Sneak peek inside the Do Hypnosis Anywhere 5-Day Challenge

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This is the Work Smart Hypnosis Podcast, session number 375 Digital Freedom. As a hypnotist, welcome to the Work Smart Hypnosis Podcast with Jason Lynette, your professional resource for hypnosis training and outstanding business success. Here’s your host, Jason Lynette. Hey, it’s Jason Lynette, and this week’s episode is going to be a little different.

Different in that we’re gonna keep this under about 10 minutes and length and also different. There’s three things I’m about to share with you. One is an update of an ongoing conversation inside of our hypnosis communities. The other is a bit of a personal update for those that are curious to find out.

And the third is an invitation. And you know what? Let’s start with the end in mind. This episode is coming out on Thursday, May 26th, 2022, and I’d encourage you right now, head over to this website, Do hypnosis anywhere, dot. Very simple to remember. Do hypnosis anywhere.com because starting on Monday, June 6th, 2022, we are running a very special event.

It’s called Do Hypnosis Anywhere. Remember the website address? Yeah, we made it the same. Do hypnosis anywhere. The five day challenge for confident Online hypnosis. Now here’s the thing, and if you go to that website, you’re gonna see all the details of exactly what this is going to be. But first things first, because I know many of you always ask me, and for those of you in Australia, this is gonna be like one or two in the morning.

Uh, so yes, everybody who registers for this event is going to get lifetime access to not. The replays of the content, but also the really, really sweet pile of bonuses that I’ve put together for this. So check that out. Do hypnosis anywhere.com. Let’s rewind back though to the first promise, an update to the ongoing conversation in our hypnosis community, which is going to explain exactly the what and why of this event.

So, I asked a question recently. I sent, uh, the message out to. Facebook community as well as my email list, and the overwhelming response to a simple question, What do you want some help with? Was that still there are many people out there who are finding some challenges becoming effective as hypnotists online, and I’ll tell you my personal opinion as to where that comes from.

It’s that over the years there has been this dialogue of it’s not as good. Potentially dangerous. It just doesn’t work. You need to be in the same room, and we’ve definitely had that conversation respectfully change in the last two years and a couple of months. one out of necessity, and two, because myself included, inside of a larger community, there’s a lot of us who were already successfully doing hypnosis online even before it kind of briefly became our only option to say it politely.

And in spite of that, and I’m very happy about something that you may be surprised by. There are other people. There are more people who are seeing the value of teaching hypnosis online. You don’t have to, uh, get on an airplane. You don’t have to pay for a hotel room. You can work through the class in a very different way.

So simply put the fact that there’s more of us sharing online has made it so that people see this is more viable as an option Plus. Let’s talk about our clients. Our clients are people who have come to realize for many different services. You know, I can check with my doctor for a prescription. I’m, you know, few weeks now after my surgery that I just went through and I don’t have to go to their office.

I can meet with the doctor by way of teleconference. He sends the prescription over to the pharmacy and then we just go pick it up. So, so many things have now become the norm to do online. My health insurance here in the US actually gives a discount for telecommuting appointments as opposed to going in person.

And trust me, if I could have done this surgery remotely, um, maybe I wouldn’t . So let’s absolutely keep some things in person, but what I’m getting at. Is still, there’s many of you that I’ve heard from in the last couple of weeks that are finding specific struggles inside of online hypnosis. And this is respectfully not me coming up with a list and saying, Hey, here are the things I can, uh, like a marketer, twist the knife and tell you, You’re not doing this well.

It’s instead No, here is the exact feedback. I got from many of you, I surveyed, I sent a survey out to more than 10,000 of you all, and these are the top responses. What do you need help with? How to modify the hypnotherapy process to be more effective, even through webcams. What techniques to use in online sessions, How do you work with your clients?

Who are excited to book with you, yet they kind of expected it to be in person. How do you shift that conversation? Uh, my favorite, uh, cuz I also talk business here, What are the secrets to build prestige to book online clients? And thank you Scott who asked that one. And then suddenly a bunch of people voted on.

I love the way that you phrase that. So that’s the one that we’re using, which is why, um, Scott gets into this for free cuz he wrote my. Website copy, uh, your no-cost low tech system for consistent positive results. You know, I, I’ll say this politely. There’s many people, not just in our world, who kind of look at the technology element and choose to go to a place of overwhelm rather than curiosity to learn more.

And I’m gonna show you. The exact steps that I do with my online clients, I’m gonna give you the exact shopping list that if I was getting started right now, this is what I would use. And you know, this is a five day event, one hour a day in a challenge format, and you’re gonna be surprised how. In that brief amount of time, an hour a day, five days in a row, if you can be there in real time, fantastic.

If you only can join us for the replays, everyone’s getting that no matter what my superhero alter identity Captain Replay has always got you covered. Who takes care of you. Uh, yet even if you’re doing it in the remote way, you, I’m producing these cheat sheets, these documents, these shopping guides to make this all ridiculously easy for you.

So that’s what I’m going to be sharing. You know, simplifying the journey. If you’re brand new to hypnosis, you’re gonna see the exact streamlined approach to get up and running even sooner. And for those of you that maybe already have significant training, are working professionally or already feel rather comfortable seeing clients online, well you’re in that group of people that realize small hinges swing big doors.

So the ways that I’m gonna show you how I do the. I guarantee you, and seriously, there’s a money back guarantee on this event. And I’m gonna make you go to the website to see the ridiculously low price that we’ve made this event do Hypnosis anywhere.com. And by the way, I’m already hearing the feedback that this is like the best video I’ve ever produced, um, which we put a lot of work into it.

When you see it at the top of that, do hypnosis anywhere.com site yet? Uh, now we’ve set a new bar that we have to improve upon and, uh, that terrifies. And, uh, there’s annoying kids, uh, cute puppies, uh, annoying on purpose. I asked her to step into a role. Uh, Claire, my daughter, makes a cameo in the video and, uh, it’s funny.

Any reason other than that go to do hypnosis anywhere.com, watch that video and then, you know, join us. Uh, so brand new, we’re gonna make your pathway to success even easier. Already working online and comfortable, you’re gonna see my hey work smart principles to make this all a lot more streamlined, a lot more effective, and help you to boost that success even further.

Because back in 2020 and 2021, in the words of a friend of mine, never take advantage of people. But take advantage of an opportunity. Business was at its absolute best. Here came a moment that the entire world went through and still is continuing to go through right now still. And rather than let it be every reason to go slow it down, calm down, take it easy.

It was a moment to throw the wrench into a machine that was already working and I put my office that I had purchased. Up for rent. We closed the business down. We sold our house. And now for those that know the story, we moved down to Orlando, Florida where the intention is we live on vacation. I am sitting here right now in my trademark purple shirt for Work Smart Hypnosis, and I am still wearing pajama pants, which I will still continue to wear with my next client who I’m meeting with in 22 minutes.

She sees me from the waist up. I’m not putting on real pants. So it created an opportunity to basically live on vacation and as I really streamlined the secrets I’m gonna be sharing with you inside of this five Day Challenge event businesses at its peak. And I am also now seeing some of the best client results faster than I ever have before.

So this is what we’re sharing with you. Go to do hypnosis anywhere.com, the five day challenge. For confident online hypnosis, and when you see everything you’re gonna receive for the ridiculously low price that I’m leaving as a cliffhanger. So you see it on the website. Also, having watched that funny video, you’re gonna see the true value.

So check that out. Join us. Do hypnosis anywhere.com, whether you’re live, whether you’re in the replays, Let’s make it rain. Let’s create some impactful change.