Do you find it difficult to be as effective in your online hypnosis sessions as you are in-person? Are you ready to level up your career and help your online hypnosis clients achieve powerful, transformational results in your hypnosis sessions? Over the last few years, many hypnotists have pivoted their services to serve their clients in an online, remote setting. But still, many hypnotists struggle to achieve the same level of effectiveness that they see during their in-person sessions.

Today, I discuss how the way we do hypnosis has changed since 2020 and why offering online hypnosis sessions has become a staple for many hypnosis professionals. I share why I decided to completely stop offering in-person hypnosis sessions and how pivoting to a full-time online hypnosis model has allowed me to grow my business to it’s full potential and intentionally ‘live on vacation’ with my family. I also share a sneak peek into what you can expect by joining the Do Hypnosis Anywhere 5-Day Challenge and how it can help you level up your career as an online hypnosis professional.

Join me June 6, 2022 for the Do Hypnosis Anywhere 5-Day Challenge! It’s time to take the confusion and overwhelm out of creating powerful, effective, transformative hypnotic change online. Visit for more information and register to join.

“Never take advantage of people – but take advantage of an opportunity.” – Jason Linett

  • Debunking the myth that online hypnosis is less effective than in-person hypnosis
  • Why many professionals in the hypnosis industry have pivoted to offering online hypnosis sessions
  • How pivoting my business to exclusively offering online hypnosis sessions has helped me achieve exponential growth
  • Sneak peek inside the Do Hypnosis Anywhere 5-Day Challenge

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