Have you ever wondered about increasing the pricing of your coaching programs?

One of the wonderful folks at the Hypnotic Business Systems community recently asked about my $5,000 Hypnotic Transformation Program and wondered what it takes to create something similar. Well, it’s definitely something you can passively wait on—raising the value of your programs involves evolution, timing, creating a world, and building a practitioner-centered business.

In this episode, I outline the thought process behind raising the pricing on my programs when the timing was right. I share the start-up and growth story of my hypnotic business and how I built my brand. I describe how I shifted the focus of my business and explain what “If you’re not creating, you’re waiting” means. I also discuss how I didn’t wait for the market viability of the projects I was doing and instead took the necessary steps to create a world around my high-value programs.

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“If it isn’t where you are right now, make it a part of your goal to be a client-centered hypnotist with a practitioner-centered business..” – Jason Linett

  • Doing confident online hypnosis and the value stacking strategy
  • Why I don’t brand myself with a specific modality
  • Becoming a client-centered hypnotist who offers a practitioner-centered business
  • My $5,000 Hypnotic Transformation program and how you can create something similar to it
  • The background of my hypnotic business and how I got to where I am today
  • How creating absolute proofs of what you do can help you increase your rates
  • The reason behind raising my rates
  • Creating a world around your training programs to increase their value

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