Session #401: Keith Livingston on Activating Change

Session #401: Keith Livingston on Activating Change

Since he was a young boy, Keith Livingston has been a student and enthusiast of the world of hypnosis. Today, he is the primary instructor at Hypnosis 101, where he focuses on raising awareness about the effectiveness of hypnosis and NLP through high-quality hypnosis education. For over 30 years, Keith has trained dozens of students on NLP and hypnosis techniques, worked with two nationally accredited institutions for higher learning as well as a state-licensed vocational institute, and participated in developing and writing multiple college-level courses. He is also the creator and facilitator of multiple courses and hypnotic programs. He has made guest appearances on television and radio shows, including The John Walsh Show, and has authored multiple feature articles.

Keith joins me again this week to discuss how his hypnosis career shifted from working with clients in his spare bedroom to becoming a certified hypnosis instructor and the value of learning to let go of things that will not serve your purpose. We discuss Keith’s perspective on helping clients activate change and how he uses conversational hypnosis strategies to help clients achieve meaningful change. We discuss the importance of creating positive structures and states within our hypnosis session and how we can help our clients activate change. Keith also shares how his marketing and client acquisition strategies shifted over the years and why he believes hypnotists need to apply what they learn from their clients to create meaningful change in their own lives.

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“From a positive state, the clients can usually come up with a solution better than you can think of anyway.” – Keith Livingston

  • Keith’s journey into teaching hypnosis
  • Learning to let go of things that will not serve your purpose
  • Keith’s perspective on what it takes to activate change
  • Implementing conversational hypnosis techniques to help clients activate meaningful change
  • Identifying turning points that activate change
  • Activating change through a positive state
  • How Keith shifted his marketing and client acquisition strategies over the years
  • Applying what we learn from our clients to our own lives

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