Session #412: Online Hypnosis Sessions: The Do Hypnosis Anywhere 2023 Update

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Since the pandemic, more and more entrepreneurs have turned to creating online products and services to reach more customers and scale their businesses. And customers and clients have become even more eager to seek out those online services that fit comfortably in their schedule. Why should working with their hypnotherapist be any different? Offering online hypnosis sessions is a great way to scale your business, increase your income, and help more people worldwide. But you may be wondering: How do I get started? Can I be just as effective in an online session as I am in-person?

This week, I discuss my upcoming event, Do Hypnosis Anywhere, and share the recent updates I’ve made to the event. I discuss whether online sessions can be as effective as in-person hypnosis sessions and how the modifications required for online sessions are similar to those needed for creating audio products or conducting group sessions. I explain how these modifications can help you scale your hypnosis practice and create a passive stream of income for your business. I discuss how simplifying the technology aspect and troubleshooting potential issues can help ensure a smooth hypnosis experience for you and your clients. I emphasize the importance of tonality, attitude, and authority in your online sessions, how you can make a seamless transition between in-person and online hypnosis sessions, and the value of high-quality referrals in attracting your dream clients. I also share strategies to increase your effectiveness and confidence in conducting online hypnosis sessions while expanding the reach and impact of your hypnosis business.

It’s time to take the confusion and overwhelm out of creating powerful, effective, transformative hypnotic change online. It’s time to Do Hypnosis Anywhere! Join me for the Do Hypnosis Anywhere Updated 5- Day Challenge to learn how to create a flexible life while helping people empower transformational change. For more information and to get instant access to the permanent archive of the Do Hypnosis Anywhere 2023 Updated 5-Day Challenge, visit

“You don’t have to be all of one thing. You can see clients online and in person, giving you increased flexibility to accommodate their schedules.” – Jason Linett

  • Creating opportunities for passive income and scalability through online hypnosis
  • Modifications you can make to your online sessions to create audio products
  • Customizing your online sessions for group programs
  • How online hypnosis sessions helps you improve your client retention and increase your flexibility in scheduling sessions
  • Simplifying technology and making online sessions easier for you and your clients
  • The importance of tonality, attitude, and authority in online hypnosis sessions to create a successful experience
  • Building confidence in booking and conducting online hypnosis sessions
  • Seamlessly transitioning from online to in-person sessions with fewer challenges and moving pieces
  • Exploring the benefits and effectiveness of online training for hypnosis
  • Establishing yourself as a hypnosis expert through high-quality referrals
  • What to expect during the Do Hypnosis Anywhere 2023 Updated 5-day challenge


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