Marc Carlin stops by the program to debrief a recent TV appearance on his local FOX station, discuss how a career as a ski instructor lead to becoming a hypnotist, and shares a few strategies to improve your stop smoking sessions. Learn more about Marc at www.hypnoticstate.com


Here’s what you’ll experience in this session

  • Have you been dying to know how Marc and I first met? Listen in for the story.
  • How can hypnotists get on television? I share some insights before welcoming Marc into the conversation.
  • You know how skiing always reminds you of hypnosis? Okay, well maybe it doesn’t, but Marc talks about getting involved with the sport and becoming a ski instructor. He loved the sport so much that it developed into his lifestyle.
  • Learn how Marc discovered hypnosis and eventually took a training from a sports hypnotist, and how he used hypnosis to get back into shape and start skiing again.
  • Learn why hypnosis is a better business model than skiing or even massage therapy.
  • Learn a method to offer hypnosis as a service to fundraisers to introduce your services to new people while helping them as well.
  • What’s the measure of a good hypnosis trainer? Marc shares his thoughts. We’ll give you a hint: EXPERIENCE.
  • Jason shares his opinion as to the real value of most hypnosis training.
  • Who should we learn hypnosis from? Listen in as we discuss how to move from the basics into seriously helping your clients, and WHEN to focus on marketing the business.
  • Being a hypnotist is being an entrepreneur.
  • Marc points out how hypnosis is a very attractive thing to the media as it grabs people’s attention.
  • Jason shares a strategy to build even more successful radio appearances.
  • Olivia Munn is discussed. Are you listening, yet?
  • Marc shares what content specifically on his website helped get this recent TV appearance.
  • What questions should you be asking your client to guide them toward success? Listen in as we discuss this topic.
  • Marc shared his tips on how to quick smoking. It has to come from within, you have to be sure that you can help them stop smoking.
  • Marc also shared his 2 DVD set for stop smoking. Marc offers his stop smoking program at a discount a WorkSmartHypnosis.com/stopsmokingdvd

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