John Cerbone, “The Trance-Master,” has hypnotized more than 120,000 people internationally on stage, in private sessions, in corporate wellness programs, and on television. He’s a best-selling author and producer of outstanding instant-induction training. Learn more at www.hypnosisstageshow.com


Go DEEP into this session:

  • John Cerbone is best known for his Speed Trance style of inductions. Learn about his approach to hypnosis, how to talk about the process, how to interact with the public, and some of the power he brings to this work.
  • Hear more about John that we might not have heard before, and really get a sense of his PASSION for this work.
  • Learn how John has been practicing forms of self-hypnosis as early as 3 years old. He would put himself into form of hypnosis and imagine light and energy flowing through his body.
  • At an early age, several of John’s classmates would approach him and would ask for help. He would make them feel better and not run away nor do terrible things.
  • Learn of John Cerbone’s journey from the business world to doing seminars and classes.
  • John shares how he learned he was doing hypnosis before he was trained in hypnosis.
  • Discover John’s strategies to find what didn’t work and how he started to look to enhance and improve hypnosis.
  • Listen as Jason and John discuss things they were told weren’t possible in hypnosis, and how to overcome these self-imposed barriers.
  • John discusses incredible hypnotic phenomenon such as standing hypnosis, speed hypnosis, and even hypnotizing while dancing.
  • John dispels the belief that the words in hypnosis are truly the magic.
  • There is so much more than what he is being told by the people; there are ways to do it very quickly which creates a higher impact and long lasting clinical results; there are ways that you can make suggestions perpetuates in a clinical session which he released in his new book, Power Hypnosis.
  • John discusses a method of his to further compound suggestions long past the initial session.
  • Jason’s rule for successful hypnosis: When all else fails, apply suggestion.
  • John shares methods to use speed inductions in the clinical environment.
  • The ethics of producing projects like books and videos is discussed, and how to tell what is good and what is questionable.
  • John’s goal is to do things like no one has ever done before. Go to where somebody has never gone before.
  • The stage show should be an entertainment experience, not be like just a hypnotist turning the stage and pull a performance. Hypnosis show should be bigger than life with genuine laughter.
  • If you’re a hypnotist, hypnotize like nobody has ever done it before. Take the hypnosis show to the next level.

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