Laughter is a powerful tool for change with some incredible science to back it up. And it’s fun. Join me a fascinating talk with Dave Berman who co-authored the book “Laughter for the Health of It.”


Here are the show notes for this session:

  • Dave Berman’s new book captures science and specific strategies which you can use for yourself and get your neurology and nervous system working in a more positive and in a beneficial way.
  • Learn more about how Dave Berman got into hypnosis through repeated encounters with NLP.
  • The hypnosis training, which is a gift from one of Dave’s friend, made him realize that he wanted to shift gears.
  • Dave shares how he wanted to focus more in communicating and influencing people by letting them approach him personally instead of broadcasting mass messages.
  • Jason and Dave discuss his transition to NLP training and how he used NLP to expand what he was already doing in the past.
  • Dave talks about his experience from unconditional Laughter class and its health benefits.
  • Dave shares his morning rituals¦ Listen and learn how to get your mind and body moving by doing this routine.
  • How would Dave respond to a person who says there’s nothing to laugh at right now?
  • How to make laughter a substitute from swearing.
  • Jason and Dave discuss about Pain Relief and Pain Prevention through laughter.
  • We can be hypnotic just as much as we can do hypnosis.
  • Dave talks about the laughter book and how they founder of laughter yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria.
  • Dave shares that the book is filled with laughter exercises for readers and instruction for hypnotist on how to bring this into their clinical settings.

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Check out this links:  www.laughterforthehealthofit.com


Check out Dave’s website, Manifest Positivity

Dave Berman