Sheila Granger has become an international hypnosis phenomenon. Her meteoric rise to fame in the profession is also now responsible for creating a hypnotic protocol that perhaps has launched more hypnosis businesses than any other. Learn more at www.SheilaGranger.com/


Here are the show notes for this session:

  • Learn how a fraud investigator became one of the world leading hypnotists.
  • Sheila shares her story from hypno-curious to discovering the drive to help people.
  • Get insights on how to quit your day-job.
  • Discover tactics of how to grow your hypnosis business while already working full-time.
  • Get a behind-the-scenes tour of how the Virtual Gastric Band process was born.
  • Pushing the boundaries over time and what can they do as a profession, build credibility in that profession
  • Sheila drive is to making a difference and to push the boundaries of our field.
  • Learn the value of Not knowing about to be fearful.
  • Hear the story of Sheila current project which is connecting her and her business with all the decision makers in her city.
  • Discover the #1 Goal of Sheila free consultation.
  • If Sheila could rewind thing back what would she done differently? Keep listening and find out Sheila answer.
  • For more information, check out this link worksmarthypnosis.com/refresher

Feeling down? Blame the weather! How people moods are affected by the seasons. Read more here :http://www.sheilagranger.com/the-blog

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