Jane Ann Covington is a published author and hypnosis trainer specializing in helping her clients release anxiety. A long time student in the fields of mind, body, and spirit, she has studied with some of the world’s leading experts.


Here are the show notes for this session:

  • Listen in and learn how did she benefited from and integrated the trainings of Dale Carnegie into her career.
  • Jane shares her experience with her training at Gil Boyne’s American Council of Hypnotist Examiners and how it expanded her hypnotic knowledge.
  • How can you pick a niche in your hypnosis career? Listen in and learn how Jane chose to focus on Anxiety.
  • Learn how hypnotherapy helped Jane to surpass her anxieties and fears in her earlier years.
  • Listen in as Jason and Jane talks about helping people how to get over their anxiety and not to manage it.
  • What process would Jane present if a person with anxiety issue comes in to her office?
  • Getting rid of anxiety¦ For good “ Is a book that Jane wants to share to her fellow hypnotist. Learn more as she talks about this book.

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