Chris Jones is the guy who hypnotized Howie Mandel to shake people’s hands on America’s Got Talent. The YouTube video of the clip has gathered more than seven-million hits, and it quickly became THE MOST TALKED ABOUT hypnosis event on television or online in 2015. Before the “big break” on NBC, Chris was already a full-time stage hypnotist working high schools and colleges nationwide. Chris and I got together to hang out and have dinner, and this podcast is one you won’t want to miss. I ask Chris about his experience on AGT, his mindset toward hypnosis, and he turns the tables to also ask me about working with clients for personal change. Learn more at www.onewordchrisjones.com


Here are the show notes for this session:

  • Learn what led Chris Jones to become a hypnotist. It’s an exciting story!
  • What made Chris made decide to transition from Magician to Hypnotist.
  • How does a hypnotist end up with a spot on America’s Got Talent? It was a big gig for Chris to have Howie Mandel on stage, and Chris holds nothing back about his journey to AGT.
  • Now this is interesting, Chris talks about the technique he used when he was on stage with Howie Mandel, and what happened on the 2nd¯appearance with Michael Bublé.
  • What happened after AGT? How does a hypnotist handle the rush of contacts that occur after such an appearance?
  • Chris shares his drive to help people and uses this opportunity to learn more.
  • Jason emphasizes that there is more than one way to give suggestions.
  • Discover how Chris learns and does the things that he was told that he couldn’t do.
  • Listen on how Chris transformed from this experience and sees it as a privilege to help people.
  • Chris asks Jason some questions that would help him and the other listeners. Listen more to learn more.
  • Jason points out that the ideal training is the one that doesn’t pitch one specific gospel of hypnosis. The mindset of surrounding yourself with information and become passionate about it. Work with intention. Find a way to artfully get away with the issue.
  • How can hypnotists work with PTSD and Depression? Learn the best practices to work with these issues.
  • Jason argues that hypnosis is a tool. He gives an example that you can’t outlaw hammers, just because somebody was killed by a hammer. He points out that the only danger of hypnotists working with those potential issues would be it could possibly delay something else that might have been helpful.
  • Jason believes that you can’t take a behavior because it will come out somewhere else, even worse. Ego strengthening process is to boost their self esteem and improve self image and go after the issue.
  • œThe amateur changes his act, and the professional changes the audience.
  • Learn the value of ongoing training to continuously surround yourself with good information.

Howie Mandel Gets Hypnotized to Shake Hands – America’s Got Talent 2015.

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