Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.” This quote from Jon Acuff inspired this session recorded by the pool of the Hyatt Hotel in San Diego, California. Jason recorded this session prior to an online marketing convention and answers the question of how he would have grown his business differently if he had to start over again today. Get actionable strategies for both your hypnosis sessions plus your business in this session. Share your feedback on this program! Visit http://www.WorkSmartHypnosis.com/itunes and leave your review.


Here are the show notes for this session:

  • Jason broadcasted this session from the Digital Marketer Traffic & Conversion Summit 2016 Event in San Diego, California.
  • The event is an online marketing convention that nearly about 3000-4000 people attended from around the world.
  • Learn effective strategies to bring in clients, put good hypnotic skills to use, and learn the new trends in the next couple of years.
  • When you spread the awareness of what we can do with hypnosis, that’s where the value comes in.
  • What does Google want you to do? Learn the difference between a white hat strategy and a black hat strategy.
  • Question: Do you have valuable content that people want to interact with?
  • It all comes in a place of honest effort, how do we build a community, how to maintain a relationship in such a meaningful way.
  • Virginia Hypnosis has been built to a place where it’s all automated. Referrals comes in, sessions priced at premium, and the schedule is booked in advance several weeks. This allows Jason the flexibility to work on new projects.
  • Build your base: your hub in such a way that the business takes care of itself.
  • Everything in business is about systems. Work on your business rather than in your business.
  • It doesn’t allow Jason to settle for a place of complacency, instead it allows him to have ample time to attend hypnosis conventions and other meaningful events.
  • Through private coaching, help others grow their business. His students recently put on an online event and closed several thousand dollars of sales in just about an hour.
  • Join him prior to HTLIVE for Hypnotic Business Mastery: www.HypnoticBusinessMastery.com
  • “Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. – Jon Acuff
  • Goal of this session is free-form, but Jason has focused himself on three bullet points for two separate headers:
  • My Training
  • Start of a more actionable content
  • Less absolutism from an early stage
  • More scientific approach
  • My Business
  • Create an employee handbook
  • Go global from day one


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