Rory Z Fulcher, a professional stage and street hypnotist with over ten years of experience in the hypnosis field, joins me on the show today. Rory has made a living by speaking, writing, and teaching others the skills needed to become a professional hypnotist while performing hypnosis acts on the streets and stage around the world. Rory has produced several online courses to help new and aspiring hypnotists learn the art of rapid induction hypnosis, stage and street hypnosis, and hypnotherapy as well as produced several training DVD’s and books for those interested in the field.

When Rory is not training and coaching dozens of people on how to become competent hypnotists, he can often be found at the gym, relaxing to the sound of his favorite band, or in the kitchen whipping up a delicious meal.


Here are the show notes for this session:

Please welcome Rory Z Fulcher to the show!

  • Growing up, Rory had a passion for entertaining others and an interest in hypnotherapy
  • Wanted to be a “rock star”
  • Began his career reading and learning everything he could about hypnotherapy – then practicing what he learned
  • Realized he enjoyed helping people, but started to miss the entertainment aspect and stage performances
  • Attended a weekend course to learn more about stage hypnosis
  • After the course, he re-entered the entertainment world as a stage hypnotist
  • Today, Rory spends most of his time teaching others the techniques he’s learned and uses
  • Rory teaches intuitive hypnosis
  • His teachings allow students to change and tweak their methods to receive the best results possible for their clients
  • Rory lesson structure is not a “cut-out” model; allows for flexibility and adjustments.
  • Rory is the co-author of the children’s book “Sam the Sleepy Sheep”
  • The book is designed to help non-hypnotist parents help their children go to sleep at night by encouraging metaphorical hypnotic relaxation techniques and language.
  • Many parents find their children are fast asleep before they have finished reading the book.
  • Rory shares some tips that parents can use to improve the effectiveness of the book for their children.
  • The book receives rave reviews on Amazon
  • Rory shares what inspired him to write his children’s book, and whether fans can expect to see additional books hitting bookstores in the future.
  • Rory will be at the NGH Convention in Boston as well as the HypnoThoughts (HTLIVE) conference in Las Vegas this Fall.

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