Beryl Comar has been in the hypnotherapy field since the early 1990s and is widely known for being the first person to introduce hypnotherapy, NLP, and EFT coaching and training into the Middle East and North Africa regions. Since 1999, she has conducted USA certified coaching and training sessions focused on these three core models and in 2006, she was awarded the Gold Master Trainer status from the National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming.

Beryl obtained her Master’s degree in Education while in the United States as well as a Masters in Applied Linguistics while in the UK. She holds a diploma in TEFL as well as an undergraduate degree in Economic Geography. Her coaching style is frequently described as directive and non-directive, depending upon the individual’s needs. In 2002, Beryl founded The Change Associates company, where she offers her training and coaching services, performs public speaking engagements, and contributes to several news and radio shows, including Dubai Eye radio.


Please welcome Beryl Comar to the show!

Episode Summary:

  • What sparked Beryl’s interest in hypnosis?
  • How Beryl handles situations where hypnosis patients, while under hypnosis, begins to speak a foreign language that she may not understand.
  • Why she believes “the client is the script” and how she differentiates hypnotherapy from hypnosis.
  • How she got her start in the HypnoDontics industry.
  • What inspired her to write her book on HypnoDontics
  • Her tips for aspiring Hypnodontic practitioners that can help them get their start in the field.
  • Beryl explains what “emotional intelligence” is, as well as “intrapersonal intelligence” and “interpersonal intelligence.”
  • Why emotional intelligence is important in a client’s everyday life and career.
  • Beryl explains her emotional intelligence development training sessions.

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