Dan Candell has amazed audiences and clients through his incredible skill of hypnosis since the year 2000. He has hypnotized over 35,000 people in dozens of countries around the world. Dan’s hypnosis and coaching firm, Candell Hypnosis and Coaching Center, focuses on helping people overcome personal obstacles such as obesity and anxiety as well as break unhealthy habits like smoking. However, he frequently uses his ability to captivate audiences by performing stage shows for various events at schools, fundraisers, conventions, festivals, and corporate retreats. Additionally, he is the Vice President of the MA Chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotists and has received numerous awards and nominations including the 40 Under 40 MA Nomination and Motivational Speaker Award.

Dan is a “down to earth” kind of guy, who frequently injects his unique sense of humor into his hypnotic stage shows. Similar to television and movie ratings, he “rates” his shows based on his audience with cleaner (G-rated) performances for high schools and corporate events and PG-13 and R-rated performances for the adult crowds at night and comedy clubs. He is known throughout the hypnotic community as a “new generation performer” and has been featured numerous times on television and in magazine and newspaper articles. When he is not helping clients overcome obstacles for a better life or performing on stage, he can often be found developing and speaking at workshops, seminars, and providing group session events.


Please welcome Dan Candell to the show!

  • What got Dan interested in hypnosis?
  • If Dan could go back in time and tell his 13 year-oldself anything – what would it be?
  • What did Dan major in while attending college?
  • What kind of tactics was Dan using in his group hypnosis sessions while in college?
  • What Dan does to allow balance between working one-on-one with clients and conducting stage hypnosis shows?
  • Why does Dan have several websites (one for each niche he works with) instead of one main site with individual service pages?
  • How does Dan market his hypnosis business?
  • Does Dan experience a lot of no-shows from his office clients?
  • How Dan “trims the fat” to ensure he is working with his ideal clients?
  • How to deal with a scenario where a client is no longer your ideal client.
  • Why is setting boundaries and leveraging your achievements and accomplishments important for your business?

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