Jump into my classroom as I answer the question, “How do you troubleshoot hypnotic inductions?” What do you do if an induction doesn’t go exactly according to plan? How do you redirect a client’s focus from a cell phone ringing back to a relaxed state?

During this class session, I provided “bigger picture” answer to my student’s question – instead of trying to troubleshoot the troubled moment, use the moment to your client’s benefit.

Remember, whatever your client is giving you at the moment is exactly what he or she should be giving youat that moment. It’s your job to step into the mindset and utilize everything that emerges for a successful result for your client.


  • The more you interact with the hypnosis content, the more you will find that the induction is the easiest part of the process.
  • There is nofailure. There is only feedback.
  • Don’t play the “look, but don’t see” game. See what is happening with your client and utilize it to his or her advantage.
  • I provide suggestions and examples of how I have handled “difficult” induction sessions.
  • Remember: It’s only a troubleshooting moment if you label ita troubleshooting moment.
  • When all else fails – apply suggestion!
  • Ask yourself, “How can I phrase this better to get my client to the intended result?”
  • I explain the difference between a hypnotic suggestion and hypnotic aphasia phenomenon.
  • Don’t water down your induction process by trying to play preventative maintenance on an issue that doesn’t even exist! Design your process to be effective for everyone, but flexible enough to add or modify for issues that may arise.

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